What is A Blog and How Does it Work

This article is a part of the Start a Blog Guide. Let us first understand what a blog is and how blogging works.

Let us look at some Blogging Basics …

A Blog is a web journal where you keep track of your thoughts online, in written format. Blogging has changed a lot nowadays from an online journal or diary to a business.

If you are a baker you can showcase your recipes, and skills via a blog. You can monetize ( make money ) this blog either by selling products ( affiliate marketing), selling eBooks, selling your book, reviewing baking items ( for money), Adsense ( advertisements are shown on your blog).

For me, a Blog is a place where I can voice my opinions, share solutions and have people support my effort by making me money ( via affiliate links or purchasing my products).

Let us not be naive here, unless you are blogging to just make friends or as an outlet for your depression or some injustice, the average blogger wants an income.

Money is not bad to aim for, the thing to remember is that money does come eventually. You must put in effort and time first.

To set up a blog you require a name for that blog, a house or hosting for that blog, a computer and a presence of mind.

You could launch a blog for free using services like Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress among other services which are totally free.

If you are in the long haul you should be purchasing hosting, a domain and investing some money in the Blog.

In this series of #startaBlog I will be showing you how to start a Blog and Make Money with it.

What you will learn over the next few days?

  • What does a Blogger do?
    • What do you write about?
    • The one skill needed to be a Blogger
  • Blogging Equipment
  • What do you need to get started Blogging?
  • Picking your topic
  • How does an affiliate website work?
  • Structure and Plan for your website
  • How to make a blog or website
    • Step #1 – Domain
    • Format of a Domain name
    • How to pick a domain
    • How to brainstorm a domain name?
    • Hosting & Technical Stuff
    • How to Install WordPress
    • Initial Blog Setup
    • How to Reset the blog
    • Setup Blog Structure
    • Change the reading, writing settings.
    • Theme
      • What WordPress theme a site is using?
      • Which WordPress theme to choose?
    • Add Important Pages
    • Install Plugins
    • Setup Google Analytics
      • How Google Analytics help?
  • What to write about
  • Blog Post Styles
  • How to write a Blog Post
    • How long should you a blog post be
    • Effective Blog Post Structure
    • How to make a Blog post better
    • What is a Video blog post
  • How to Promote Blog Post
    • Where to promote blog posts after publishing
    • Social Media Post Sharing Plan
  • Monetise
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Adsense
    • Informational products
    • Physical products
    • Memberships
    • Sponsored Posts
    • Working with Brands
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This series will include case studies, Blogger Interviews and technical stuff as and when needed.

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