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  • Q&A Questions Youtube Video Channel ( Beginners, Couples, Tag, Best Friends, Beauty)
    Here are some funny, deep, good and thought-provoking q&a questions for a youtube video. You can create a YouTube tag using a mix of the questions which can catch your fancy. You can also create an entire video based on some common questions you are observing. What are Q and A questions for a youtube … Read more
  • How to Become a YouTuber (with a Phone, Get Paid, What you need) Ultimate Guide
    It took me years to start a YouTube channel. I was wrongly informed that you need good equipment, a good setup, fancy software to start a channel. This is far from true. In reality, to become a YouTuber you do not need any of this at all. What do you need to become a YouTuber? … Read more
  • Are you Allowed to Vlog in Stores
    Vlogging is very popular nowadays, especially in countries like India it is still in its nascent stage. Just in the past 1 year in India, I have noticed so many new vlog channels, it is overwhelming. I have also seen vlogs beings filmed in stores and even I had vlogged a few times in stores … Read more
  • Hashtags to Get More Views on YouTube
    Hashtags were introduced by Twitter. They are simply a hash # followed by a word or string of words with no spaces in between. The hashtag groups messages and posts together. So if you were reading on a topic such as business marketing, you could search for hashtags such as #marketing #businessmarketing and find posts … Read more
  • How to Start Vlogging with Phone
    Vlogging couldn’t be more easier these days. Every person has the basic equipment required for a Vlog – their smartphone. Almost every smartphone has an awesome camera. To be honest that is the only equipment required to Vlog. To start Vlogging with Phone you need to decide on a topic, make a script, shoot a … Read more