Parenting Blogs ( How to Start, Write, Monetize): Complete Guide for Parenting Bloggers

Parenting is an evergreen topic for a blogger. There will always be a parent searching for something and there is always a huge potential for starting a parenting blog.

How to start a parenting blog? Starting a parenting blog is very easy. You need a domain name, you need hosting and lots of content.

In this guide, we will focus on not any blog but only parenting blogs. So we will look at how to find topics to write, how to monetize, how to get free products and more.

How to make a Parenting Blog

I have a lot of information on how to start a blog and how to find topics. You might want to check my start a blog guide.

To make a blog you can use a free service such as , , wix. These are free platforms that let you host your content.

I personally had quite a lot of blogs on Blogspot and WordPress which I lost due to their ever-changing policies.

When you host your blog on a free platform, you will always be governed by their rules ( which sadly keep changing). Also, free might not last. I had some really cool blogs on rebelmouse a platform owned by Google.

This platform was suggested by a marketer. She was minting money and I expected her to be honest. Well, looks like marketers share very little useful information and I ended up losing my free sites, my revenue streams and ended up giving up blogging.

So start right… purchase a domain and hosting from websites such as hostgator and Bluehost. I think I personally prefer Bluehost, but both are good.

Once you setup your website you need to start adding content to your blog. What gurus forget to tell you is that content is important. You cannot underestimate the power of good solid content. In the next section I will share my secret strategies to write content and how to find the best topics to write about.

How to write a Parenting Blog

Before you even start writing a blog here are 7 steps to guarantee success at what you are doing.

  1. Decide on a sub-niche
  2. Google your niche
  3. Go to Keyword research websites
  4. Create a list of topics to write about
  5. Create a Content Calendar
  6. Write Articles
  7. Share on Social Media

Let us work on this step by step, shall we?

I have made a list of popular low keyword difficulty Parenting Blog Topics

#1 Decide on a Sub-niche

You must be thinking… hey I already know this. I will write about parenting. Well, that is still a broad topic to focus on.

Start narrowing down to sub-topics without being too boxed into a tight area.

When you drill down to a sub-niche you will find that it gets easier to generate ideas, find resources and stay focused. Here are some ways I would do this.

Watch video, Click to learn more

I might look into the following sub areas or sub niches

  • Parenting Blog for Dads – If you are a dad, just focusing on this area would be so helpful for your readers. Other dad would love your insights into parenting. You could even consider topics related to single dads, stay at home dads, divorced dads. The more focused you can get the better as there is always someone who will be looking for this information.
  • Parenting blog for Tweens – Parents of tweens have their own struggles. Their struggles are a world apart from a parent to a baby. There are different kinds of teen struggles, drugs, loss of a parent, bullying, teen pregnancies. There is always someone looking for something you can offer. Your insights can help a parent struggling to cope with daily life, so why not share these?
  • Parenting Blog for New Mommies – New moms and dads have their own struggles. First time parents, parents of twins, triplets, parents of kids suffering with ADHD.

I would recommend deciding broadly on a sub-niche you would like to work on. Now lets head on to the next step.

#2 Google your niche

I personally love this step…. to a point of obsession. Search for topics in your niche.

Start typing in Google what your seed keyword or what you are looking to write about.

parenting blog topics to write about

You will notice that Google will start populating different ideas. These are the most searched topics in Google land… This is what people are desperate to know about. Pick a topic you think you can work on and drill down further.

I make a list of all potential topics in a notepad. This is my seed list. I use this to brainstorm blog article ideas. This is a list that helps me start writing on when I cannot think of an idea ( and that does happen quite a bit).

#3 Go to Keyword Research Sites

I have tried many keyword research sites. Paid and free and I have finally settled down with just two.

The first one is Google and you saw how I use that in Step 2 above. The second one is Answerthepublic which we will look at now.

Go to Answerthepublic and search for a broad term. The term could be teenage or teenage depression. The website will turn up many topics people are searching for on this topic.

Jot down these in your notepad or document.

#4 Generate a List of Blog Topics

Google is your best friend. Use the list of questions and keywords you found till now and do a search on Google.

If you scroll down you should be finding a section called “People also ask”.

I find that these are the best topics to research further and some of these make great blog posts.

#5 Create a Content Calendar

Now that we have this massive list of topics we can write about, it is time to make a plan. Some people love to chart out the content calendar. They use plugins, they use spreadsheets to keep track of topics they want to write on and also when they will write it by.

The way I do this very different. I will create drafts on my blog and save them. When I have time to write I pick a topic from my drafts ( in WordPress ) and start writing.

This works very well for me. Some people prefer using a calendar ( and make notes in it).

#6 Write Articles

Choose one of the ideas from the list and write a blog post today.

Here is an easy way to do this.

Pick a topic and google it. Look at the results. What are others writing about? Read the first few and ask yourself – can you write a better article? What else can you add?

Look at the related search terms, look at the questions people ask.

Use these to start writing an article.

Parenting blog post ideas

Let me clarify – I pick a topic from my list. I google it and look at what people are looking for this topic ( like really specific and related to the topic).

Include all these in your blog article or post.

#7 Share on Social Media

You have written the article it is time to let the world know. Pick a social media platform and share it using relevant hashtags.

Every niche has its own hashtags. Look at other people in your niche, specifically make note of the hashtags they are using. Use these hashtags.

There are other ways you can use social media for your parenting blog.

You can start a thread on Social Media asking for help with an issue. Facebook groups are best for this.

  • Join Mommy or dad groups on Facebook
  • Ask your questions or concerns
  • Look at what feedback you receive and research further if needed

I used this technique for my blog and came up with insights I couldn’t have thought of myself.

Each of the topics or keywords you thought of earlier can be used to come up with freebies for your readers. These could be printables, checklists, mini-guides.

Give these to people and grow your email list. I recommend constant contact ( I have a free 60-day coupon). Email lists come to a lot of handy when you want to drive traffic and sales. So start as early as you can.

How to Monetize a Parenting Blog

I love this section. I was very afraid to monetize my blog. I thought it would drive people away. But…

If done right people will thank you for recommending products.

Here are a few common ways of monetizing your blog.

  • Advertisements
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell your Own Products


You can place google ads, mediavine, ezoic ads on your website. You can sell ad space on your website.

You share a blog post on your website in exchange for a product or money or both. The amount companies pay you will vary based on how popular your blog is or how unique you are.

If you bring a unique twist to your website, then you will find that you will be approached by tons of sponsors. They will not really care about how many visitors you are getting.

Affiliate Marketing

Recommend products, review products and link out to websites such as amazon. I review products I love and use. When people purchase through my link I receive a commission.

recommend products on amazon

Sell your own Products

Create your courses, downloads and sell them from your website. As you start adding new content, you will slowly get to understand the requirements of your readers.

This is the time to find problem areas and create products that can provide a solution.

I wrote a book addressing the issues I found.

Parenting Blog Post Ideas

  • Parenting failures
  • Kids activities
  • Social media impact on kids
  • Bullying
  • Mom Products
  • Self Care
  • Home Remedies
  • Tips to handle difficult kids
  • Minimalist parenting
  • Single parent issues
  • Teenage Angst
  • Teenage Pregnancies
  • Teenage Rebellions
  • Parenting Apps
  • Parenting After Separation
  • Parenting Hacks
  • Parenting Kids with Special needs, Downs Syndrome, Autism
  • Parenting Philosophy
  • Physical Discipline

How to get FREE Products to Review

You can download an application called smytten to get free products. New users have to request access and if you use my referral code, you should be able to get quick access and approval. Select free samples available and you should get them within a week or two. ( Use my Referral Code WBctG to get easy access to the app )

Low Keyword Difficulty Blog Post Ideas for your Blog

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