How writing blogs will help in growing your online presence

Writing blogs can help you grow your Business and Brand immensely. The trick is to decide what to write about so that you can grow your online presence really fast.

How to Grow your Business Online Presence? Be present on those channels which your customers are present on. These could be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

Another way to create an online presence for your business would be to write fabulous content and give away as much information as you can.

Can writing blogs help in growing your online presence? Yes, it can because I have managed to do this for multiple types of business ( personal blogs, shops, Non-Profit Organisations, shops, Counselors).

Read on to see how I could do that and how you can do it too…

How to Create an Online Presence for your Business

The simplest and most efficient way I found was by actively publishing content on the Blog.

This is a painful process at times and since it can be time-consuming, most people and businesses tend to ignore it.

They do not see any potential in creating content. They just feel it gets you nowhere, is a waste of time and resources.

They would rather spend that money on SEO or some other methods, which are guaranteed to rank you faster and get you LOTs of business.

In my opinion and from what I have experienced, you can get a boatload of traffic and visitors and sales.

But very quickly this will all dry up and fall apart. Also, Google seems to be upping its game every now and then. These are called algorithm updates.

Google has only one aim, to make money by providing the best most relevant content to their customers.

So, if you have ranked your website or business by shady backlinking ( SEO) google will find that out and sandbox your site.

The best way is to abide by the rules of Google and do what they say. This will take your online presence to an all-new level.

How to increase Web Presence on Google

For me, it is all about writing a Blog. I have many articles on how to start a blog and what to blog about. Do check them out.

My journey started with a video I saw from Miles Beckler. He explains his strategy in the video below.

Basically it is creating content for 30 to 90 days, everyday. Content can be a blog, a vlog, podcast – whatever you are comfortable with and whatever suits you.

I must say that while I started out strong, I did not maintain the momentum.

For a few days, I did manage to stick with my content strategy, I noticed that my visibility increased.

I had tried it on 2 platforms ( hence the burnout). I got a lot of subscribers on YouTube., as well as views.

My blog visitors increased and I managed to generate a lot of visibility and an online presence.

Once I stopped, momentum stopped. I did not notice the phenomenal growth as before.

What I did notice though is that the work and effort I put in then still brings me visitors to my videos and blog.

I get sales for products I promote, I have managed to build up a brand. Companies contact me and want to work with me. They offer free and paid opportunities ( which I did not accept).

What I am getting at is that it works a lot and is feasible.

Here are steps you should take for consistent growth

  • Ideate topics you want to write about – I found that my online presence took a new dimension when I started with the principles provided in this blog course
  • Focus on easy to rank for keywords topics first
  • Work in Clusters instead of isolated terms.
  • Install a Theme which loads quickly and has been optimised with schema and all the meta-information which Google wants.
  • Work out a consistent Blogging Schedule and stick to it.
  • Ensure that your blog posts follow the perfect blog post format such as the one I have used.

Here is a great video by how to create topic clusters and pillar pages by HubSpot Academy. In this video, they help you understand how to pick topics to write about. They also show how search engines view the content.

Should you opt for an Online Presence Service?

There are many service providers whose main aim is to improve the online presence of their customers.

Whether they are beneficial or not depends on a lot of factors. I have used such a service when I was working with a company.

The collaboration was not fruitful as they were using shady techniques ( borderline grey hat) to boost the presence.

This would have hurt our business long term, hence we terminated our service with them.

That being said, there are many great service providers who can help take your business to the next level. This can help you outsource the task while you can focus on your business.

A good service provider will sit down with you and spend days understanding your business and how you would like to position yourself.

Based on that they come up with a plan of action divided into major objectives, further subdivided into individual tasks.

If you are hiring someone for you, work with them so that you understand what they will be doing for you.

Make sure there are no areas untouched, as these can harm your business in the long run.

Ask for weekly or bi-monthly reports and feedback. This will help you understand what they are doing and you will be able to nip any work which can harm your business.

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