20000+ Unique Blogging Ideas: High Demand Most Popular Blog Topics List

Find different blogging ideas and topics. These are low keyword difficulty high demand unique blogging ideas. Write a blog post using these low keyword-difficulty blog topics and rank your websites.

How to use these High Demand Blog Topics

These topics can be used to write a blog post. You can also use related topics as subheadings in one blog topic.

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Make sure the subheadings are H2 or use the heading 2 tags. You can also make videos using these blog topics, images, infographics and pin them on Pinterest.

I have start a blog series that walks you through various steps.

Gardening Blog Post Ideas

Gardening is a great niche to get into today.

I would say that post Covid this is a very lucrative niche to get into because many people are looking for ways to start a garden at home.

Fear, uncertainty, empty shelves in the supermarket are pushing people towards sustainable living and gardening.

Here are some low competitive keywords I found in this niche – gardening blog post ideas

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Lifestyle Blogging is a very vast topic, with many topics falling into this category. Depending on the age, the locality and experience of the blogger, we notice different lifestyle bloggers bringing in different flavors.

Check this post to find easy to rank for Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas.

Blogging Ideas for Moms

I have researched and found some Mom, Baby, Parenting Blog Post Ideas. These range from search volumes as high as 16000 per month to low numbers. They are low competition keywords.

Use these in your titles and page headers.

For parents, I have some low competition keywords and topics to rank for. The Parenting and finance topics might be easier to rank for. Mom Blog Topics to Write About

Travel Blog Post Ideas

If you have a travel blog post or a lifestyle bloggers looking to write a few travel blog posts, I have you covered.

These are low competition travel blog post keywords.

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Criminal Law Blog Topics USA 2021

I have found some low keyword difficulty blog topics for criminal law. These criminal law blog topics are low competition and I have included the CPC as well so you can figure out the best for Adsense.

Human Resources Blog Topics USA 2021

Human Resource has so many hidden low-difficulty blog topics. Use these to easily rank your website and also earn money. These keywords have been sorted by CPC. Human Resource Blog Topics USA 2021 with low keyword difficulty.

Personal Injury Blog Post Topics USA 2021

I just finished added keywords in this niche. If you are in the personal injury niche or sub-niche you can find low keyword difficulty keywords. Personal injury blog topics 2021 are ranked by CPC

Estate Planning Blog Post Topics USA 2021

Estate Planning Blog Post Topics USA 2021 have been added.

HVAC Blog Post Topics 2021

HVAC is an all-year blog topic ( almost) depending on where your live. HVAC blog post Topics USA 2021 have been sorted with CPC.

Plumbing Blog Topics USA 2021

Find the easiest to rank for plumbing blog topics usa 2021