Learn Blogging – Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog and Make Money

Blogging is now a career option, and there is an increasing number of professional bloggers every day.

Before you start thinking of creating a blog as a profession, you should be aware of the fact that blogging is actual work.

Many people are misled by various income reports of bloggers, and the false claims on social media about blogging.

They believe that starting a blog is simply creating a blog, slapping some content and the money will roll in.

Blogging as a Profession

Blogging is a profession that takes work and in the initial few days, months and even years do not compensate.

You will be spending money on the blog with no returns for a loooong time.

Learn to blog, start your own blog ( either free or paid) and then decide whether this is a good career option for you.

How to Start a Blog?

​Step 1:- What to Blog About? Finding the right Niche

STEP 2:- Purchase Domain & Hosting

STEP 3:-7 Install WordPress

STEP 4:-Installing & Customizing the WordPress theme

STEP 5:-Creating Important pages(About us, Contact us)

STEP 6:- Install WordPress plugins.

STEP 7:- Write a good SEO Article ( Add Content)

STEP 8:- Promote your Blog

STEP 9:- Monetize your Blog

Start A Blog

I have an entire series on how to start a blog and I encourage yo to check these out.

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How to start a Blog?

These easiest way to start a blog is to dabble on blogger. Create a blog on blogger, understand how it works. Then purchase a domain and hosting if you are really serious and want to start a blog professionally.

What are the Best Topics for Blogging in India?

Blogging is still new in India. You can basically make any niche or topic profitable. Most bloggers are into the parenting, credit cards, finance, cooking, lifestyle niche. I feel that topics like crafts, gardening, are still unexplored.

How can I become a Blogger in India?

Start a Blog and learn blogging. Spend time understanding the technical aspects of blogging. Understand SEO and write seo rich content.

How do Indian Blogs make Money?

Indian Blogs make money by promoting products on Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Nykaa among others. They sell digital products, services. Most bloggers start out with adsense and this is their primary source of income. Top level bloggers make money with selling their own products.

How much does it cost to start a Blog?

To start a blog you need to spend money on hosting, domain name. I spent 1000 INR to start a blog.

Should you start a News Blog India?

Many people start news blogs. The thing with news blogs is that you must keep publishing content regularly daily. Volume matters a lot. If you want to earn a passive income from blogging, I recommend investing in regular blogs not news blogs.