Here are some resources for getting started with your Business, Blog or Website and Marketing it online.

Courses I have purchased and am using even today

  1. Blogging Course – I have purchased this Blog Course and it has helped me immensely. I was stunned at the simplicity and the content provided.
  2. Email List Capture and Automation Service – I tried many till I have found this one. I have a 60 day trial for you, try it and see for yourself.
  3. Pinterest Marketing Course – This Pinterest course has helped me grow my blog and generate an income and branding. ( USE Coupon LATHA15OFF )
  4. Blog Marketing Course – The best ever – Blog your way to $10k
  5. Digital Marketing Course – to upgrade my skills
  6. Domain + Hosting ( FREE domain for 1 year + SSL )
  7. Templates
  8. Affiliate Marketing Plugin
  9. Affiliate Program

First and foremost almost any business whether it be something you started from home or as a small business, you need an online presence.

I am a Blogger and a Vlogger and Blogging is my business. Without traffic, branding there is no sense in blogging. Apart from vanity metrics like how many subscribers I have, I need people to read what I have to share.

Without traffic to my blog, there is no use in putting out any content. It does not matter whether you have an offline business, or an online business,you will find some tricks which I have used to build my business which can helpyour business.

Promoting Your Business

The easiest way to promote your business is word of mouth and meeting clients in person. When we had started a small digital maketing business, we jumpstarted the business by visiting local businesses nearby and connecting with them.

This is one step which is so simple hence people think it won’t work. Connecting and meeting with potential clients builds trust and a sense of familiarity.

When people are ready to invest in services such as the one offered by you, they will call you. Most do. They like to work with someone who they are comfortable with and hope you have managed to gain their confidence.

When we visited our potential clients we did carry some marketing materials with us.

You should read the super simple guide to Offline Marketing.

Marketing Materials

  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Website

If we had a solution for their issue we would ask them to watch a video we had uploaded on Youtube addressing the same issue.

Videos – I have started a series to help you get started Vlogging. Videos are a very effective sales tool. You can sell without actually selling. Videos run 24 x 7 and they work for you even while you sleep.

Blog – I have started a series called Start a Blog in India. If you really want to grow your Business and get a lifetime of Free leads I would recommend this Blog Course.

Our blogs generate leads for our offline business. We have put them up a long time ago and they continue to send us business.

I will share with you some strategies I used in the section called Local Business Marketing. Check that out if you want to keep generating leads for your business round the clock.

Getting Visitors to your Site – Struggling to get traffic to your Blog or website? Here are some easy Blog Traffic Tips which can be used for a website or free sites also.

Keep checking as I keep adding new content.

Start a Website

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Email

Local Business Marketing

  • Google Business Page
  • Yellow Pages
  • Classified Sites
  • Business Review Sites