Pinteresting Strategies Review COUPON : Manual Pinterest Marketing Course by Carly Campbell

Maanual pinning is one the best ways to get organic rankings in pinterest and Google. Manual pinning is a whitehat technique and I have noticed that it’s much much better than using a Pinterest scheduler.

What is Pinteresting Strategies? Carly Campbells Pinteresting strategies is a manual pinterest course. It is probably one of the oldest pinteresting courses and here is a quick overview of what you get with the course.

Pinteresting Strategies Course Content


  • Current News and Updates
  • How to Become an Affiliate for this Course
  • Blogging Without Traffic Sucks

First Things First

  • Do Your Homework
  • Key Points Recap

Getting Started: How Pinterest Works + Profile Set Up

  • Extremely Basic Explanation of How Pinterest Works
  • An Overview Of the Pinterest Platform (for Creators)
  • Getting Started The Right Way
  • Setting Up Your Pinterest Boards
  • How to Set Up Rich Pins
  • Key Points Recap

Pinterest is About People

  • Understanding Niche Virility and User Intent
  • People Can SEE Your Pins
  • Pinterest (Thinks) it Can See Your Pins
  • Humans Are Busy and Lazy

Pinterest is About SEO, too

  • SEO for Pinterest
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Key Points Recap

Group Boards

  • Yes, I Still Use Them
  • Monitoring Your Group Boards

Get Pinning

  • “Fresh” Content
  • Creating Pins That Get Clicks
  • Understanding Board Co-Occurrence and Session Co-Occurrence
  • Pinning for Brand New Accounts
  • Pinning Strategy for Established Accounts (this is what I do)
  • Pinning FAQs
  • Supplementing With a Scheduler
  • How to KNOW When to Make New Pins for Old Posts
  • Key Points Recap

Final Important Things, and FAQs

  • Video Pins, Story Pins, Product Pins etc.
  • Pinterest Analytics + Google Analytics
  • Do Pinterest Followers Matter?
  • FAQs – (in other words, please don’t email me with these questions)
  • Advanced Strategies for 2020
  • Final Pinteresting Thoughts

Bonus Content

Pinteresting Strategies Coupon / Discount

When you sign up for the course using this link a coupon will be emailed to you. Use that at checkout for a discount.