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Some easy to monetise and low competition fishing blog topics you can easily rank for.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.“

The first sub niche is fishing lures. I am sharing the market share for fishing lures. These blogs are dedicated to fishing lures.

I also pulled some data for topics these blogs are tackling and found 300 plus topics. Check if your blog can use these topics and explore that sub-niche further.

Fishing Lure Blogs you can check out


*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.“

Take a look at the topics these blogs have covered. Pick yours. Look at the intent of the topics. Informational topics do well with articles.

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KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword DifficultyCPCCompetitionResultsKeyword Intents
fishing lures40500610.481118000000informational
trout lures6600540.4719240000commercial
sneak attack4400440048000000informational
ice fishing lures2400460.2610commercial
trout fishing lures2400460.47110500000commercial
fishing luers1300590.491211000000informational, transactional
fishing lures for sale1000610.43112700000transactional
fish attractant880320.6114560000commercial
mack’s lures880370.35186transactional
rainbow trout lures880410.6818110000commercial
jerkbait lures720530.412590000informational
marble trout7201700.0314500000informational
trout spoons720270.2614260000informational
tru turn hooks720270.21100transactional
best ice fishing lures590220.360.957180000commercial
bullet lures59014014780000transactional
bubble float480240.18121400000informational, transactional
copper trout480330.750.038410000navigational
dynamic lures480280.46180transactional
trout crankbait480230.3112070000informational
jerkbaits for trout390160.91423000commercial
marlin swordfish3903200.024640000informational
nope spider3901700.0110100000informational
red dart fly390140126400000informational, transactional
spinner fishing lures390290.2317460000commercial
trout fishing vest390300.2616100000commercial
redfin shiner3202900529000informational
trout ice fishing lures3201900.924310000informational
bog frog260240.370.175770000informational, transactional
micro fishing lures260180.2118500000informational
micro lures260230.2916730000informational, transactional
mustad fastach clip2602300.1345900informational, transactional
redfin lures260190.31100informational, transactional
dynamic lures hd trout210330.31167transactional
rainbow dragonfly21019019550000informational
trout jig heads210250.3113110000transactional
trout lures and bait210450.82112300000commercial
yeti yellow210200130600000informational, transactional
banax reel17010.25161commercial
best ice fishing lures for trout17015014490000commercial
chartreuse spinnerbait170110.211531000informational, transactional
pike and muskie1702100.131830000informational
salmon chart1703600.8634400000informational
small spinnerbaits170110.2213380000commercial, informational
soft frog170200175000000informational
sportsman’s warehouse pueblo colorado170240.430.9678informational, navigational
sunfish of north america1702900.542810000informational
trophy trout1703500.16730000informational
tuf line xp170160.361745000informational, transactional
10 surf rod140340.21121900000informational, transactional
clown trophy14014016420000informational
common sunfish1405000.056180000informational
evergreen lures140120.3512070000transactional
fishing lowers140620.911420000000informational
flutter jig14090.3114730000informational
goby lure1401501641000informational, transactional
redfin minnow1401900.81204000informational, transactional
size 14 hook1402901330000000commercial, informational
snook sticker140140.4211570000commercial, informational
soft plastics for trout14014013740000transactional
the copper trout14033009070000navigational
treble hook size for trout14025014710000informational
trout poster140210.37111300000commercial, informational
trout vest140220.270.937600000transactional
barred muskie1101500.02729000informational
big mac fishing lure110500.8881commercial, informational
butt trophy110130140600000informational, transactional
colorado custom lures1102400.5995navigational
fish scent for lures110270.2815230000commercial
fishing lures online110710.380.9711900000informational
hd trout lure110270.26191informational
pe fishing line110190.27130100000informational
rainbow trophy110140.99115900000commercial
scheels fishing lures110520.26154navigational
spinner body type110210020400000informational
trout chart1104200.9117900000informational
tuna sticker11010017100000informational, transactional
weedless spinnerbait110110.1911340000informational, transactional
wilson wallet110270.33141200000commercial
zerek fab1102400.0593informational, navigational
amadou dry fly patch90401181000transactional
atlantic salmon size chart9020007240000commercial, informational
attack lures9070065600000informational, transactional
best lures for colorado fishing904000.4822400000commercial
canadian lures9022008740000commercial
colorado lure901600.9612900000informational, transactional
fatboy lures9020.2185transactional
fishing attractant9027016710000informational, transactional
frog lures australia902001370000informational
ghost lure90170111400000commercial
hare and copper90700.4912200000informational, navigational
holographic stubby squid902400.2552informational
how to make a flathead rig9023001040000informational
ice fishing lures 201990320099informational
jack jack attack trophy901000.0229300000informational
jml hooks90130077informational
jointed flatfish lure9050163informational
mac lured in90200117900000commercial
mudeye fly9040082informational
must have trout lures9041012630000commercial
pen dynamic90600109000000informational, transactional
scheels casper wy9022006710transactional
soft plastic bait hooks90200121200000transactional
soft plastic lure wallet90120091transactional
spider nope901500.0229400000informational
spotted muskie903400928000informational
the bait pump901600.9311800000informational
trout dust901800.399720000informational, transactional
trout pliers9025016760000informational
true glide fishing lures90100083informational
wilson fishing rods price90100074commercial
wilson platinum tournament bag9000050informational, transactional
yabby lure9080191informational, transactional
1 16 oz crappie jigs70280194informational
abu garcia trophy collection70600.8950informational, transactional
amadou fungus fly fishing70200270000informational
australian lure shop7022006830000navigational
canadian perch702700.189300000informational
canadian wiggler diving depth70500.2171informational
cross lock swivel70100110100000transactional
d&d lures701700.8661informational
dynamic cap701400.25560000000navigational
dynamo fish70200014600000informational
fly fishing jig heads7014015110000informational, transactional
goldfish trophy702900.975510000informational
hd baits701700.0299transactional
ice fishing jigging lures7043011910000informational, transactional
j spec lure70150140informational, transactional
lure eyes sunglasses company7090081commercial
mac attack fishing tournament7090091informational
mustad treble hook sizes70250078informational, transactional
neoprene chest waders size 1270360198informational, transactional
new trout lures 20187026006920000commercial, informational
pike chart70140036200000informational
prolure703100.8928800000informational, transactional
replacement lure skirts australia7000079informational
saltwater flies for flathead7020098informational
spinnerbait reviews70200183commercial
surecatch float7040068informational, transactional
surface popper lures7025011470000commercial, informational
tackle warehouse digital camo angler backpack702800.8865informational, transactional
the dynamic sale702700401000000informational
the last wild trout701600.2126500000informational
thornycroft antar70260098informational
trout fishing lures for sale70360.2614120000transactional
trout phone wallpaper70190077commercial, informational
wigglers bait for sale70120036100transactional
wilson bait pump70700.7679informational, transactional
wilson fishing lures709014530000navigational, transactional
wilson folding fish landing nets7000044informational, transactional
wilson folding landing net7000044informational, transactional
zerek fishing rod7030071informational
10g fishing charters50500.1256transactional
afn fishing maps50120158navigational
banax gt xtreme 60005060047informational
blade lures for trout501600.671500000informational
blue metal fishing rod50150017600000informational
blue surf rod50230153500000commercial
brown trout age chart502900.0492commercial
bully dog update mac50130069informational
canadian wiggler for walleye50100.588informational
canadian wiggler lure5000171commercial, informational
chartreuse tungsten503016030000transactional
crankdown swimbait50200.8758informational
cray rings tasmania50000.4389informational
cs4000 net5070092transactional
dabbing for garfish50190017400informational, transactional
daiwa sweepfire 2b 4000 spinning reel50120074informational, transactional
diving minnow50400.257140000informational, transactional
dust to dust trophy5015009930000informational
dynamite fishing lures507011560000informational, transactional
esp snapper blue5070171informational
fishing lures com50520.46122700000informational
flathead hooks5013013620000informational
fuzzle bugger5000088informational
ghost shrimp hook501400.2110100000informational
hard body lures for trout5021002220000commercial, informational
heavy drag spinning reels5034001010000commercial
innovative fishing tackle50330110200000commercial
j lures501100.969970000transactional
j noah spinner50160030500000informational
jig fishing tacticalbassin504200.9360transactional
line xp501700347000000transactional
little jack metal adict5000157informational, transactional
lure wallpaper501900.9715400000commercial, informational
lured fishing50630.75162900000informational
lures for sale cheap50510037200000transactional
mack bait50200.4521900000informational, transactional
micro spin lures5017015380000informational, transactional
oracle baits501000.5871000informational
pre made rigs5070112500000informational
pro lure crank5000080informational, transactional
redfin bait or lure501000.96266000informational
redfin trout502000.1264informational
reel banax extreme gt 600050100036informational, transactional
sailfish marlin and swordfish502100.71150000commercial, informational
sailfish size chart501600.17920000informational, transactional
sailfish swordfish5031001160000informational
shank trophy guide50140079informational
slimy mackerel bait502000618000informational
spinner bait for panfish502001606000informational
surecatch website50800174000informational
sweepfire 2500b50130186informational, transactional
swordfish marlin and sailfish502100.931190000commercial, informational
the7 demo50193.570.059290000informational, navigational
topwater lures for rainbow trout503901446000commercial
trout fishing near launceston50110097informational, transactional
wiggler lure502000.96234000commercial, informational
wilson camo backpack5090069informational, transactional
wilson lures501000.519400000navigational
wilson yabby pump5050072informational, transactional
australian made timber lures40000.2189informational
baitbreath4010079informational, transactional
bandit lures apparel40120178informational
braided dacron backing40601131000transactional
brook trout print40180.5717930000commercial, informational
bucket list chart404400.749300000informational, transactional
buy bullet lures online407007080000transactional
cheap rapalas for sale4034004720000transactional
cheapest fishing spinners4031002180000commercial
custom hard baits4010015660000transactional
dynamic lures dynamo40170150informational
dynamic sunglasses40110026800000transactional
fast links fishing4018003730000000informational, transactional
fishing lures on hat402300.946260000informational
flashy fish lures4020015340000navigational
french fishing hooks40140051100000informational, transactional
frog flatfish4015011130000informational, transactional
frog flatfish lure40220175informational
gunnison sports outlet40160071900navigational
hard body frog lure4010016800000informational
hat with fishing lures4014017010000informational
ken’s lures4000022300000transactional
little ripper designs40130011600000informational
little ripper jig40200167informational
little ripper lure401000.8990informational, transactional
live fibre blade n tails4020048informational
live yabbies401201110000informational
lure of prey401400.057650000informational
lure pen40160114100000informational, transactional
mac fishing lures4023019900000transactional
mack bait lure4020189informational, transactional
minnow lures for trout4041011860000commercial, informational
mtb lures40200.63190informational
mustad fastach clip size 040170071informational
new ice fishing lures 2019402300.347240000informational
nope squid4015009250000commercial
pink squid lure4018016280000informational
rb trout405006090000informational
redfin soft plastics40100062informational
scheels cheyenne wyoming403200.028200transactional
shallow minnow40300.58260000transactional
shrek gold hand401700.016830000informational
soft plastic wallet4030152600000informational, transactional
soft plastics for flathead40160071informational
soft trout lures4013016960000informational
spinnerbaits australia400001390000commercial
sportsmans warehouse santa fe40310091informational, transactional
stickerbomb png40700.8582informational
stubby holders tasmania4000038700informational
surecatch 134080069informational, transactional
surface poppers406017400000informational
sweepfire 4000 daiwa40120098informational, transactional
trophy reels407015030000commercial, informational
trophy xl rods4010199informational
trout attack40160110000000informational, transactional
trout theme403700.515500000informational
twisty lure40800.7893transactional
where are trophy reels made4030029200000informational
wilson blackfish rod4010046informational
wilson camo bag4060180informational
wilson live fibre surf rods4000034informational, transactional
wilson rods401200.5981informational
1 8 oz painted jig heads30180095informational, transactional
2019 ice fishing lures30380010500000commercial
3x fluorocarbon tippet30240.32186000transactional
5x leader30220115300000informational
alligator trout3027007460000informational
atc virtuous reel3070041informational, transactional
ball bearing clip30160114000000informational
bass pro loveland colorado302100.12493000navigational
blue fox big crappie jig30800.597transactional
bluefin sticker301100.896informational
bogs baits3050130500000informational, transactional
bonza bait30140084informational, navigational
brown trout minnow307016590000informational
cheap trout lures304800.511500000commercial
chest of maggots308008940000informational
colorado fishing lures3014017340000commercial
copper stubby spinner3000071informational, transactional
cross lock snap3030.24133500000informational
daiwa shock 3000 2b30160147informational, transactional
daiwa sweepfire 1000 2b review30160054commercial
daiwa sweepfire 2b spinning combo30120079informational, transactional
daiwa sweepfire cs30120049informational, transactional
daiwa sweepfire spinning reel30140197informational, transactional
double assist hooks3090110400000informational, transactional
dusty trout30210084000000informational
dynamic hd302600.51433000000informational, transactional
dynamic lures sneak attack30150193transactional
fastach301810.190.86247000informational, transactional
fat guy trophy301100.9913700000informational, transactional
fish lures for sale30530111700000transactional
fishing tackle launceston30900508000commercial
flathead rig301500.922110000informational
fly fishing for redfin30300584000informational, transactional
gar decal301300.91100informational
gosen jigging braid3000056transactional
halo baits3060011900000informational
halo lure30900.522200000informational, transactional
hd ice lures30100162informational, transactional
hi viz dacron line3010072informational, transactional
how to catch trout in fast moving water302800.2562000000informational
ice fishing attractant301300.671970000informational
innovative fishing302801454000000informational
innovative lures30440114800000commercial
invader lure30400.523700000informational
j mac lures301700.416940000navigational
junction tackle company3013008540000informational, transactional
lumo trophy guide30100074informational
lures net303000.961000000navigational
marbled trout301200.215700000informational
mid water lures30130112800000informational
muskie illustration302000.121130000informational
muskie size chart3027001390000informational
mustad hoodlum live bait hooks30120075informational, transactional
mustad quick clips30110081informational, transactional
mustad triple grip303700.05228000informational, transactional
new ice fishing lures30280111800000commercial
oar gee lures wagga3050031navigational
paddle and prawns306006430000informational, transactional
pentac lures301600.560navigational
pro lure live yabbie3000046informational, transactional
pro lure xl shad3000039informational
rg trophy300005300000informational
rocky mountain fishing lures30150133400000commercial
shrek fishing30170014200000informational
small jerkbaits for trout3018012070000commercial
soft plastic yabbie lures3000065informational, transactional
spinnerbait drawing301500.81150000informational
squirrel tail crappie jig30160153informational, transactional
starlight fishing charters303100.2582transactional
super shallow crankbaits301501435000transactional
surecatch frog lure30150046informational
sweepfire 1500 2b30700.8681transactional
tangle free rig30600.716170000navigational, transactional
the7 icons30100032100000navigational, transactional
tiny gu30240027500000informational, navigational
trophy fishing tackle302600.418200000commercial
trophy xl reel30000.9313000000commercial, informational
tropical trophy3060122000000informational
trout plugs3030015820000informational
trout spinners for sale303801836000transactional
valley country tackle30120021400000informational
vernal utah sportsman’s warehouse303200.8674informational, navigational
violet shrimp302000.046380000informational
watermelon lure3014016520000informational, transactional
wattle grubs for sale30000736000transactional
what is a wiggler bait301500.91030000informational
who makes tru turn hooks301900.9873informational
wiley lures for sale3040171transactional
wilson backpack camo30900.9670informational, transactional
wilson blade n tails3000063informational, transactional
z plug lure3040119300000informational
3×3 circle2006.590.0636000000informational
cabela’s casper wy20161.140.14129000informational
pie trophy2021.07129100000commercial, informational

Fishing Lures Blog Topics

KeywordDifficultyVolumeCPCParent KeywordGlobal volume
bass fishing lures3252000.45bass lures6400
ice fishing lures723000.5ice fishing tackle2900
antique fishing lures2222000.3vintage fishing lures2400
vintage fishing lures2120000.25vintage fishing lures2300
best bass fishing lures2317000.2best bass lures2100
best fishing lures1715000.25best fishing lures2200
fishing baits and lures4315000.15fishing lures1600
old fishing lures2114000.2antique fishing lures1500
fly fishing lures414000.8fly fishing lures2000
rapala fishing lures112000.3rapala fishing lures1500
saltwater fishing lures1711000.5fishing lures saltwater1600
trout fishing lures711000.4trout fishing lures1900
walleye fishing lures710000.45best walleye lures1200
pokemon fishing lures410000.02pokemon fishing lures1100
homemade fishing lures79000.6home made fishing lures1200
types of fishing lures49000.2types of fishing lures1500
fishing knots for lures248000.3best fishing knot1000
custom fishing lures218000.7custom fishing lures900
best fishing lures for bass237000.25best bass lures800
homemade lures for fishing77000.3build fishing lures800
crappie fishing lures97000.45crappie baits800
fishing lures homemade7700home made fishing lures800
home made fishing lures57000homemade fishing lures800
mepps fishing lures27000.4mepps800
whopper plopper fishing lures137000.25whopper plopper700
bandit fishing lures26000.4bandit lures600
fishing baits & lures396000.15bass lures600
fishing lures for trout76000.5best trout lures1100
cicada fishing lures0600cicada fishing lure700
ebay fishing lures136000.2ebay fishing lures900
blank fishing lures86000.25lure blanks700
how to make fishing lures86000.45making fishing lures900
striper fishing lures126000.5striped bass lures600
most valuable rare antique fishing lures8500antique fishing lures600
antique musky fishing lures ebay0500antique musky fishing lures ebay500
cheap fishing lures285000.3cheap fishing lures700
electric fishing lures2500electric fishing lures600
fall bass fishing lures35000.5fall bass lures600
diy fishing lures55000.45homemade fishing lures800
best ice fishing lures45000.15ice fishing lures800
ice fishing lures for perch15000.3ice fishing lures for perch700
poppers fishing lures45000.35poppers lures600
rattle trap fishing lures25000.5rat l trap500
storm fishing lures05000.45storm lures700
surf fishing lures05000.4surf fishing lures800
truscend fishing lures0500truscend fishing lures600
antique fishing lures for sale185000.25vintage fishing lures500
best walleye ice fishing lures15000.15walleye ice fishing lures800
winter bass fishing lures25000.2winter bass fishing lures600
wooden fishing lures95000.3wooden fishing lures700
3d printed fishing lures145033d printed fishing lures700
cabela’s fishing lures04500.5cabelas fishing lures500
amazon fishing lures54500.4fishing lures500
ice fishing lures for crappie44500.4ice fishing lures for crappie500
rebel fishing lures14500.45rebel lures500
spinner fishing lures54500.6spinner bait500
walleye ice fishing lures24500.4walleye ice fishing lures700
antique fishing lures pictures154000.15antique fishing lures pictures450
summer bass fishing lures54000.25best bass lures for summer400
panfish ice fishing lures24000.4best ice fishing lures for panfish400
pike fishing lures24000.4best pike lures1500
spring bass fishing lures44000best spring bass lures450
bulk fishing lures234000.3bulk fishing lures500
cabelas fishing lures0400cabela’s fishing lures450
fishing lures and baits414000.7fishing lures450
lures fishing374000.2fishing lures1500
frog fishing lures14000.45frog lures600
mighty bite fishing lures34000.15mighty bite400
ice fishing lures for panfish24000.5panfish ice fishing lures400
salmon fishing lures34000.35salmon lures600
fishing lures saltwater154000.5saltwater fishing lures700
funny fishing lures14000.15weird fishing lures500
vintage wooden fishing lures114000.09wooden fishing lures400
new fishing lures123500.45best fishing lures400
freshwater fishing lures73500.35best freshwater lures600
best lures for river fishing53500.6best lures for river fishing500
early spring bass fishing lures43500best spring bass lures350
best fishing lures for trout123500.6best trout lures450
bird lures for fishing1350bird lures for fishing350
bomber fishing lures23500.4bomber lures400
handmade fishing lures33500.45handmade lures450
heddon antique fishing lures43500.1heddon lure350
ice fishing lures for walleye13500.6ice fishing lures for walleye500
making fishing lures173500.5making fishing lures700
realistic fishing lures03500.35robotic swimming lure400
shad fishing lures13500.6shad lures400
fishing lures types43500.4types of fishing lures700
weird fishing lures33501.2weird fishing lures400
best lures for pond fishing43001.5best bass bait for ponds300
best bass lures for pond fishing43000.1best bass bait for ponds350
best lures for bass fishing173000.5best bass lures400
best fishing knot for lures233000.5best fishing knot400
ice fishing lures for trout3300best ice fishing lures for trout350
trout ice fishing lures33000.4best ice fishing lures for trout350
ice fishing trout lures33000.6best ice fishing lures for trout350
best salmon lures for bank fishing4300best salmon lures for rivers350
wholesale fishing lures193000.5bulk fishing lures350

Fishing Rod Holders Blog Topics

KeywordDifficultyVolumeCPCParent KeywordGlobal volumeTraffic potential
fishing rod holders for boats2117000.6fishing rod holders26009100
fishing rod holders and storage racks111400fishing rod rack14008000
fishing rod holders for boat201300rod holders for boat20007200
fishing rod holders for garage512000.4fishing rod rack14008700
walmart fishing rod holders08000.6fishing pole holder8005300
ice fishing rod holders06000.4ice fishing rod holders800700
surf fishing rod holders16000.4surf rod holder6001000
bank fishing rod holders35000.35bank rod holders8001500
horizontal fishing rod holders74500.5fishing rod rack5009200
fishing rod holders for bank fishing34000.5fishing rod holders4001400
fishing rod holders for jeeps0400fishing rod holders for jeeps400450
vertical fishing rod holders64000.6vertical fishing rod holders500300
homemade fishing rod holders63500.35diy rod holder for bank fishing450200
truck fishing rod holders63500.6fishing pole holder4002800
boat fishing rod holders123500.5fishing rod holders8009100
fishing rod bank holders4350fishing rod holders for bank fishing4001200
fishing rod holders for trucks63500.45fishing rod holders for cars5002200
homemade fishing rod holders for boats23500.6homemade fishing rod holders for boats450300
bank fishing rod holders for catfishing3300bank rod holders3001600
kayak fishing rod holders13000.6fishing pole holder4502500
fishing rod holders for truck bed3300truck bed fishing rod holder300600
ceiling mount fishing rod holders22500.3ceiling mount fishing pole holder30020
clamp on fishing rod holders22500.45clamp on fishing rod holders350200
pvc fishing rod holders42500.4diy fishing rod holder400700
fishing boat rod holders182500.6fishing pole holder4504500
fishing rod holders for pickup trucks62500.6fishing pole rack for truck2502100
fishing rod holders for cars62500.6fishing rod holders for cars14002100
fishing rod holders for home42500.35fishing rod rack4008000
ground fishing rod holders02500.25in ground fishing pole holder300200
rod holders for bank fishing52000.6bank rod holders2501800
fishing rod holders diy92000.3diy fishing rod holder6002300
fishing chairs with rod holders0200fishing chair3501000
river bank fishing rod holders42000.25fishing rod bank holders200350
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