Sell Jewellery on Instagram: Interview Astitwa

Instagram makes it very easy to sell jewellery, its free and it works.

Today we meet Dhanshree who took to Instagram to sell handcrafted jewellery. Her range includes silver jewelry, Tribal, Bohemien, Banjara and Boho jewelry.

sell jewellery online astitva by rabani

My Name is Dhanshree.

I started this business 3 years ago by the name of astitva by rabani

The name Rabani is made up of three sibling name Rani, Bala and Nidhi ….its an online jewellery store (fastest-growing in Noida ).

How did you get started selling Jewelry?

To be honest, financial crunch in family was the reason for me starting this business.

I was working earlier doing a corporate job in a job portal as an assistant in sales.

My job involved selling job portal database to the companies and consultants.

I loved wearing jewellery so I started this with my siblings(especially my sister).

She sells silver jewelry, Tribal, Bohemien, Banjara and Boho jewelry on Instagram

My family helped me in the earlier stages and that’s how I started my business

So when did you start your business?

Approximately 3 and half years ago.

How do you make time for this business?

I recently left my job a year back ..

Prior to that I used to manage the business after office hours.

Do you have a schedule? Do you have help?

No as such i dont have any schedule …no help.

I am doing it by myself

How many hours per day do you spend on your business?

Approximately 5 to 6 hours

What motivates you to keep working on it?

Actually, time is flexible no pressure of subordinates … that ignites my motivation up

How do you balance Life and Business? ( Mom life??)

My working hours are flexible so manage my son home and business at same time.

My son was 2 year old when I started the business. Now he is 5 years old.

In the holidays, I work more so that I need not worry about the whole week.

On an average what is the investment required for such a business?

Atleast 50 to 80 thousand if its only online no physical store

By how many months can we see profits?

Atleast 1 year after

Is it easy to get the Jewelery?

Now its easy when i started it was tough as the awareness was much lesser.

I have supplier for complete products.

We also customise mostly products or ask the supplier to make according to our given designs.

How do you price your products?

The amount of hard work we put, the price of the raw material that we use shipping charges all this we take into consideration and decide the price

In every two months, I take on credit and slowly pay to the supplier.

Do your Earnings cover expenses?

Yes, I do earn enough and yes it covers my expenses.

I am able to provide to the family budget as well.

Any tips for people getting started with an Instagram Jewellery Business?

Be attentive …mistake can happen always apologise where ever there is a mistake.

The final delivery to the client should be good.

If you were to start again what would you do differently?

I would keep some price a little high as per market.

Thanks Latha for wonderful feeling that I can help somebody to start the business.

Astitva by rabani

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How To Sell Jewelry on Instagram
silver jewelry, Tribal, Bohemien, Banjara and Boho jewelry

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