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Fashion Influencers are taking over the Internet by storm ..literally. Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms for sharing fashion and lifestyle posts.

A fashion influencer as per wikipedia has the power to influence the purchasing decisions of people.

Why you should become a Fashion Influencer? You love fashion, you dream breathe and live fashion. You also make fashion trends and want to earn money from your skills. Also, many brands are looking for micro-influencers to reach out to people. They are willing to pay you money to share their brands with your following.

Many brands are reaching out to influencers on Instagram as they have understood that they have better engagements than celebrities. For a brand what matters is how people respond to an endorsement from an individual.

Do they buy their products? Do they share their brands with friends and family once they have been introduced to it ( brand awareness).

I have with me today Akanksha Verma ( @akanksha_v ) a Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer. In this in-depth interview, she shares her journey as an Influencer on Instagram. She started her Instagram channel on 15 Aug 2019

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Tell us about your Instagram page ( its purpose, what is it about).

I created my Instagram page:@_akanksha_v in 2016, purely as a creative outlet to share brands reviews, lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

I always wanted my audience to completely [su_highlight background=”#fffa99″]imagine me having their own personal shopper[/su_highlight]. I help them explore the shops based on different styles and budget.

This page helps to understand and learn about the styles that would suit everyone.

I enjoy experimenting with anything and everything under the fashion umbrella, even if that means the business of fashion. I make you simplify everyday dressing by helping my followers remove the trash, add on must-haves and making space for some new styles.

So this is where the Fashion is not always about hi-end luxurious brands. [su_highlight background=”#fffa99″]I focused on promoting high quality and pocket-friendly brands[/su_highlight].

I always let my followers enjoy while experimenting with the wardrobe.

I basically share my personal style, fashion and lifestyle and sponsored promotions.

How did you decide on what to name your Page?

I always knew: @ _akanksha_v this will be on my name.

Why did you decide on these topics?

I chose fashion because this topic always attracts me. I love being fashionable in my own way.

I feel more confident when I dress up. I belong to the IT industry still I never took myself away from the fashion world so I decided to start sharing my personal style and love for fashion and people actually loved it.

That’s how I entered into influencing to take this passion to another level. I enjoy experimenting with anything and everything under the fashion umbrella, even if that means the business of fashion.

So yaa !! This is why I decided to take it further and chose fashion and beauty.

How do create a story to share? The image, content, hashtags? Please be as elaborate as you can.

I personally believe in authenticity and follow simple strategies like targeting the correct audience with most trending hashtags.

I genuinely feel you’re at your best when you’re you. It’s okay to be inspired but do not copy others. Also, I only promote quality products which I genuinely feel like promoting. I never mislead my Audience and that’s the key to consistency and loyalty.

What does your day look like? When do you actually work on Instagram?

I work more than 16hrs a day.

I will clear this first that it’s not like 9-5 fixed-job, you’ve to be active every time however you need to plan your whole day and mark a calendar for any shoots, events or meetings.

When I don’t do anything I do editing and writing for my posts. So it’s a continuous process and every influencer does their homework accordingly. I plan my schedules weekly.

What does your publishing schedule look like?

I do research according to my insights and post accordingly and yes I do publish everyday as per my insights.

How are you able to manage family, instagram, work, friends?

It’s very difficult to manage everything sometimes as no one is perfect. I do a lot of mistakes but I always open to learning and I plan my day, I make calendar tick to manage everything.

How do promote your Instagram page?

How much time goes in promotion versus writing? Is there a schedule?

There’s no schedule I’ve decided yet. Its just that I enjoy doing this so whenever I feel like writing I write and engage with my people with my strategies for promotion.

How to work with brands?

Be loyal, be consistent and unique brand will automatically contact you , if you’re creative and promote their products to wider range of audience.

Yes we do send them some stats according to their requirements and task.

How much do you earn from Instagram and in what ways?

I actually can’t reveal how much I earn because it’s not a fixed amount. Sometimes it’s more than expected and sometimes it’s not. It demands hard work without expecting a fixed salary initially.

But when you reach to the desired level you’ll be your own boss and earn as much as you can.

In your opinion how should we fix our rate chart?

Well !! If you ask me, I would say its totally depends on your engagement rates.

We can easily fix our rate chart by following simple Instagram methodology.

i,e: [su_highlight background=”#fffa99″]the percentage of engaged followers/post[/su_highlight].

To calculate your engagement rate, [su_highlight background=”#fffa99″] the average number of likes and comments divided by the follower count[/su_highlight] and by this you’ll calculate your worth per post.

Well, its totally depends on brands itself who sponsored like how, when, what they wanna do or sometimes they give us full access. So it’s also not a pre-described thing.

There’s no rule book given

Its just you have to be creative and authentic

There’s only one key to success is high reachability as much as you can reach with your post

And yes it’s not always a paid collaboration, sometimes we’ve to do barter collaborations as well.

But its totally your choice whether you want to do paid or barter

And also I would like to say to all the influencers that Its high time to raise your voice and earn your rights. You have to know your worth and ask for paid collaboration.

Because brands need to understand and value the presence of influencers in online world

Influencers are making strong effects when it comes to promoting and highlighting their brands name and products

How many years does it take to make money?

Do you need a particular number of followers to make money?

It took me around 1.5 years. Initially, I did struggle a lot, but I never get demotivated by the rejections.

In my early days of influencing, I did face rejection by the brands and PR agencies because of low followers/ engagement rates, then I realized that I need to research more if I want this seriously.

I brush up my skills, I researched (still researching as learning is a constant process) I started taking feedbacks from my loyal audience, I engaged with people by doing QnA and giveaways and I must say it worked and works always. few months later, i start getting barter collaborations and it took me more than 1.5 years in getting paid collaborations.

Yes, I wouldn’t say lots of followers but yes, you have to reach to a range of defined followers (minimum5000k genuine). and most important please never think of short cuts.

Sometimes It takes longer than you expect but don’t lose hope, motivate yourself be consistent and never go for bought followers/ likes. Be true to yourself.

This is for a person starting on Instagram. How to increase followers ( can you explain a few steps or methods?)

Be consistent, be loyal , be inspired but not copy, not loose hope stay motivated and keep up the good work. Last but not the least be creative.
What are the benfits of having more than 10000 followers on Instagram?

Do you get special features available? How does that help?

This is more a responsibility than being a privileged of having more than 10000 followers because when you have a larger audience then you must have to get larger engagement rates as well. There’re benefits too of having large number of followers as brands will consider you first and they’ll definitely want you to promote their collections , events and products.

However you need to be more responsible while promoting because your followers follows you for some reason if they’ll feel you’re doing continuously non worthy promotions, they’ll soon loose their intrest in you. Make them feel like it’s worth following you because you’re introducing them to quality products. There are lot of special features available when you switch to business or creators account. The feature will give you more depth knowledge and research of your insights especially when you’re on creators account.

Contact Akanksha at akanksha.verma.nz@gmail.com

[su_highlight background=”#ffff99″] Her stunning pictures can be found at https://instagram.com/_akanksha_v

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