Parenting Blogger ( Income, Topics, Ideas) Guide to Start your Blog

When we start a blog we should find topics that we can write for long, are interested in and also have that evergreen nature. I personally feel starting a parenting blog fits all these criteria.

Parenting never ever stops, and the advances in technology, new product research, new ideas about parenting just means that… we have new parenting debates, new topics to explore… This also means that as a parenting blogger I can tackle these topics and stand out above the rest of the crowd.

How to start a Parenting Blog? Starting a Blog is mechanical and very easy

  • Buy a domain
  • Buy hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install all necessary plugins
  • Install a theme and
  • Start publishing content

The Interview

Hello, let me introduce Kushal from . She is a parenting blogger in India. Her motto is to take parents from Good to Great Parenting.

Done for you Parenting Blog topics

CafeWhiz Parenting Blog

Cafewhiz showcases new age thinking on parenting and focuses on the importance of life skills & Social-emotional learning in kids. We have written about some very interesting & debatable subjects like arguing in front of kids, why your child is addicted to screens, why sleep is most important & ignored health advice etc..

We also have parenting around two world series in which we share parenting practices of various countries.

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Also started interviews with moms of different countries to know about what good parenting practices exist around the world.

We also write about health & nutrition and personal development articles for Stay at home moms and working moms. All and all our vision for Cafewhiz is to be a one stop for all your knowledge related to parenting.

Ideas on What to Name your Parenting Blog

Cafe whiz – is a place for parents to hang out, learn skills to coach their kids on life skills. Cafe stands for a place for creating connect the easy way through conversations that are pleasant, encouraging, intellectual and motivating at the same time just like you would meet a friend in a coffee shop, you will share, listen, support, motivate and still have fun.

Thats what I wanted my blog to be positioned as. Whiz stands for the new Smart that we want our kids to learn to be. So academics, extracurricular activities, are great but life skills, health & fitness, social emotional learning are equally critical to be exposed/taught to our kids.

How to decide on Parenting Blog Topics

I am passionate about parenting and I read a lot about the subject. In fact, over the years I have built an amazing foundation of knowledge in this area. This is one area I can talk and talk for hours together. And I feel strongly about every child having a good nurturing & enriching environment around him.

How do find topics to write about? Is it random, keyword research involved?

I would say there are many sources from where I get my topics – sometimes its current affairs, sometimes its a news clippings, sometimes its a chat with a mom friend, sometimes its a discussion I had with my child, sometimes it’s something we see happening in our friends & family and sometimes its keyword research too.

The only rule I apply to pick the topic for writing is ” Whether my post be giving some food for thought to my readers” My intent is to make them think and share options with them. I believe they are very much capable of making right decisions, sometimes it’s just a slight prompt, a little push that is required and if I am able to be that prompt and push, I am reaching my goal.

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What does your day look like? When do you write?

My typical workday starts at around 9:30am and starts with my logging into my blog. I like to visually look and get the feel of my baby ( and gain fresh perspective everyday.

This ignites the creativity in my and I get various ideas of improvement & new things I should be adding on my blog. Also this is the time to look at numbers, reply to my readers comments, answer their emails, and connect with them.

I usually write my newsletter content early in the day, because I feel the connect that I have with my readers is really the most important thing. So I like to do my critical things early in the day.

I work till 2 pm and then attend to my kids who get back from school at that time. I sit back to work again from 4:30-6:30 pm.

If need be I log on once again at night post dinner and finish off anything left for the day.

As far as writing is concerned, I don’t really sit down with an intention to write.

Writing a Parenting Blog Post – Step-by-step approach

Day 1 – Various ideas that I generated in the morning, I pick and choose 2 of them and start my research on these.

Day 2 – Make an outline of what I want to write and finalise the structure of my post.

Day 3 – The final writing & editing usually happens on Day 3 of the Idea generation.

What does your publishing schedule look like? Do you publish everyday?

I usually publish 2-3 posts in a week.

How are you able to manage family, blog, work, friends?

I have always been an ambitious person who wanted to create a positive impact in peoples lives. Hence Cafewhiz came into existence very naturally.

Initially managing my work, friends and family was easier with “work from home” and “work at my own pace” options that blogging as a career offers. However, with the reach of the blog and expectations of the readers growing big with time, it becomes challenging at times. My family and friends understand my priorities now and hence I am able to fulfil my commitments and work my way around the project deadlines.

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How do promote your blog? How much time goes in promotion versus writing? Is there a schedule?

Writing blog is comparatively a less time-consuming project than promoting it. I use various social media handles to post my content. Sometimes it also goes on mom groups on Facebook. I follow posting on all social media channels within one day of publishing.

How much does your Blog earn?

I earn enough income to keep me motivated. This is the split-up of my income – 50 % sponsored posts, 15 % affiliate, 15% advertisements, 20% coaching & consulting.

In your opinion how should we fix our rate chart ( for sponsored posts, Social Media Posts etc)

I feel it depends on how much connect one has with their audience. If you feel you are able to create a significant influence on your audience, you have built that credibility, you are providing something of great value that your audience love, you can charge the brands the amount you want. Your pricing is also a function of what value you can provide to the brand in terms of their promotion goals.

How many years does it take to make money?

Well, I would say if you are looking to monetise your blog with Adsense, you definitely require 5000 upwards hits. But today there are many other ways to monetise your blog. Creating & selling your own product is one of them. Affiliate marketing is another one good way to monetize. So I would say there is no hard and fast rule to make money, it all depends on what niche you are in and what vision do you carry for your blog.

Kushal from Cafewhiz can be found here


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How to start a parenting blog which earns money