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SAAS or software as a service is a trillion-dollar industry. 2020 saw exponential growth in SAAS companies, and services.

SAAS content writers, b2b saas writers are in demand. I did not realise how huge the demand was till I listened to an interview of a lady making 2 lakhs INR per month as a SAAS content writer ( exclusively).

What impressed me was that she managed to reach this level within a year and a half starting from scratch and niching down.

As a digital marketer, I promoted and generated leads for SAAS products. While promoting those, I realised that almost any application we use on a daily basis like Asana, Gsuite, GoToMeeting are SAAS software.

So here is a strategy to market your SAAS products and services online using inbound marketing effectively.

You can also use paid methods for generating leads. These can help bridge the gap or the waiting time which usually ensues if you go the organic route.

Paid advertising is a great way to brand your company. Using this you can target your competitors customers and introduce them to your company.

Inbound Marketing for SAAS

Inbound marketing is my favourite strategy and I leverage content marketing and video marketing for it. LinkedIn also works very well for SAAS as the target customer is generally on LinkedIn ( usually for B2B SAAS).

The very first step would be to understand what the product offers, the pain points it addresses, how it is going to be of use to the end-user(s).

Try and make these measurable goals – improves productivity by 15%, helps automate content writing, presents data as visual dashboards.

There are marketers who first try to understand who the end customer is. I find it helpful to understand the software or service in-depth.

This helps me understand who the target customer(s) is.

You also need to speak with the customer-facing staff as they are the people who are interacting with the customers.

These could be the sales staff, the digital markers, the customer support team.

They have a ton of information which is very helpful in understanding

  • why people are considering your product
  • what are their expectations
  • what are they trying to solve, acheive, simplify
  • what are they unhappy about your product

This helps to create a buyer persona. You might end up having different buyer personas based on how the product is used and by whom.

Once you are able to identify who your average customer is, it simplifies the entire marketing process.

As a marketer and content writer, you might not be interested in spending so much time on research. Yet, if done properly all this research will help you churn out content easily.

Competitor Research

This is the most exciting step in a marketers journey. Make a note of

  • How are your competitors positioning themselves.
  • What channels are they using to market their products.
  • How are they interacting with their customers and on what platforms.
  • What types of content ( videos, audio, images, articles, ebooks) are they delivering
  • Backlink Strategy
  • Content Strategy

The more you can research your competitors ( on forums, on twitter, on facebook, on youtube) , the better your understanding of your market.

Now it’s time to break it down into actionable steps. In this article, I will be focusing primarily on content marketing.

I am just adding in some strategies which can help your B2B SAAS business.

Typically you will figure out the various channels you would like to use. I would recommend

  • Blog Marketing
  • email marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Video Marketing

These are all content-based, just the content is in different formats. We can repurpose the same content and scale up easily.

The most important thing to note is that most of our customers and decision-makers can be targeted effectively and easily.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research, content research is all about finding those questions which people are trying to get answers to.

We need to participate in these conversations, share ideas, and draw our potential customers back to us.

We join conversations to position ourselves as thought leaders, as the expert, the friend and guide. We are trying to build authority, trigger discussions and generate engagement.

yes.. all this starts with finding the right keywords and questions

There are many approaches to this and here is just one way.

Analyse your competitor. What are they doing right?

What are the topics they are dominating, who links to them?

Identify multiple competitors and find gaps.

Where are those gaps which you can use to position yourself.

What are the best topics to tap into, which will help reach a wider customer base?

As you proceed through the research you will find 3 to 5 core topics that you need to focus on.

Focus on 3 to 5 topics for a couple of months ( 6 months minimum).

Find subtopics to focus on. Find Pillar Content, and create topics relevant to these topics. These will help your core pages rank quickly and for multiple terms.

We also need to keep in mind the journey of the customer ( informational, transactional and commercial topics).

Identifying relevant topics which are focused on your customer’s journey will help build trust and convert cold leads to hot leads effectively.

The same strategy can be mirrored with email automation, video marketing and marketing across social media channels.

eMail Marketing for SAAS

SAAS Marketing Automation

SAAS Video Marketing

Freelance SAAS Writer Strategy

I just thought why not help saas writers become better writers by helping them develop a SAAS writer strategy.

Note: If you are looking for a freelance saas writer you can send us an email

AS a Freelance SAAS writer you need to understand SAAS writing, how it is different from general blog writing.

Apart from that, you need to market yourself proactively to get clients. Build an online portfolio leveraging LinkedIn, Medium or your own blog ( which I recommend).

Most importantly you must spend time learning about your industry. Read Blogs, understand the business, look at how SAAS companies are promoting their services.

This is a crucial step and will help you in the long run. Spend every free minute researching the industry you want to write for. There are SAAS products for healthcare, finance, accounting, education, payment processing, marketing automation.

Niching down can help you leverage and position yourself as a Content writer in SAAS. It is best to focus on one area and expand from there if needed.

How To Build A Content Strategy For Saas Companies – Product Led Content Marketing Strategy

Learn about the product

Understand the audience

Identify pain points

Research your competitor

Create a content strategy