How to become Oriflame Member in India

I became a member of Oriflame – to be specific, I am a consultant or Brand Partner at Oriflame India. I am so excited to share why I took this step and hopefully you can join me on this journey. Before we get started with my story… please consider the exact steps to get started … Read more

Mamaearth Consultant Program (Referral Coupon Codes) Review

Mamaearth was started by parents to fulfil a need in the market for organic chemical free products. Initially it was all about organic baby products. Now they have beauty, home care and men products. All are organic and certified chemical free. What is MamaEarth Referral Program? MamaEarth Referral or Consultant Program is a way to … Read more

List of Mom Influencers in India

We live in a powerful era where businesses are reaching out to microinfluencers, specifically Moms to market their products. Moms are the best advocates for any business as they are the most concerned for their babies. I was recently invited to a WhatsApp group saying it was for influencers, they liked my blog etc. When … Read more

MindGym Educational Busy Bags India

educational busy bags for kids in india

Busy bags are educational activities in a bag for babies usually within the ages of 6 months to 4 years. These bags bring delight to kids and relief for parents. When Simrit and Jainy two friends were brainstorming what to do ( specifically what business to start), it was a no brainer. Jainy worked with … Read more

Mom Instagram Influencer (Lifestyle, Income, Brands)

Banashree Palit

Instagram Influencers are people just like you and me. They are normal folks making a living via Instagram. An influencer can be a mother, a student, a public figure, a celebrity, a dog, a child…An Instagram influencer can be thin, fat, rich, poor, a student, a businesswoman… it does not matter. How to Become an … Read more