Starting a Blog with no Money

how to start a blog with no money

When I started blogging I thought that you needed a lot of money to start a blog.
I just wanted to try blogging. I was not sure if this was the direction I really wanted to take.
Since I wasn’t sure how long this interest would last,  I did not want to spend money upfront till I was ready.

Are you also wondering on how to start a blog with no money?

If you are like me there are some ways you can start a blog with no money whatsoever. Using the platforms I am sharing with you also means that [su_highlight background=”#fffe99″]you are starting a blog with no experience[/su_highlight].

How cool is that?

Before we even think about starting a blog, we need to consider whether starting a blog a good idea ?

[su_highlight background=”#fffe99″]I always wondered is starting a blog worth it ?[/su_highlight]

Was it worth my time and effort?

What will be the end result?

Will I earn an income?

This was extremely important for me as I hated writing and I still do.
It is not natural for me to write. I have the this huge writers block which terrifies me.

It takes me forever to write even one paragraph.

Ask yourself the following questions …

Are you willing to stick to writing a blog for an extended period of time?

Why are you looking at starting a blog ?

Do you want to help others ? Do you want to share your ideas ? Do you want to connect with other people?

Once you have your why in place everything else will follow very quickly and very smoothly.

My Why..

I wanted to share my ideas with other people and I also wanted to help people.
Another purpose of my blog is to generate an income so that I can stay at home as a stay at home mum.

Once I knew that I wanted to start the blog, the next question was how do I make it easier for me?

Can I start a blog on my phone ?

A mother is a MultiTasker.

You have so many things to do it can be overwhelming.

As a mum I wanted the flexibility to be able to write when I got some free time.

Thats when I decided that it would be great if I could find a way if I could start a blog on the phone itself.
Later on in this post I will be sharing with you how to start a blog on the phone.
I was looking at ways at which I could make this an exciting process for me.
Cutting out the writing would push me to put out more content and also motivate me to publish regularly.
I started looking at ways to starting a blog without writing. I am so excited to let you know that I have finally achieved this.
So let me share with you how I go about writing without actually writing.

Starting a blog without writing

speech notes appThere is an app which you can use to start a blog without writing.

This app lets you talk and it types everything for you and it’s totally free.

This is called as a speech Notes app and you can download it for free on the Google app store.

The Speech Notes App app is very easy to use.


set english india in speech notesFirst you need to download the app from the app store I have a Google Android phone so I have downloaded it from the Google App Store.
Tip: You need to be connected to the internet to be able to use the app.

Next set the language for the speech Notes app

Click on EN as shown in the picture

Then, select your language

I have selected English, India

That’s it you have set your language

Let’s learn how to use this app now

So you open the app and click on the orange icon on the bottom right hand corner which looks like a microphone.

Now you can start talking and the app will start typing whatever you are talking.

Yes there will be typos.

You will have to edit typos and grammatical errors if any.

Can I start a blog on my phone ?

Most people are curious if they can start a blog on their phone. Absolutesly, YES !!!

You have apps in the Google App Store for the various blogging platforms.

To blog from your phone

  • Download and install the app for the blogging platform you are interested in
  • Login to the app using the same username and password you have created on the FREE Blogging Platforms.

Viola! you can get started with blogging using your phone.

Since we are looking at starting a blog with no money we will be using the various 3 platforms which are available online.
These are totally free you do not have to pay anything. Once you become a seasoned blogger you might think about migrating to a paid platform.
I would recommend doing that in but for now let’s look at the free platforms.
So yes the startup cost is zero.

Start a blog with blogspot

Blogspot is from Google this is the easiest way to start a blog. most of us have a Gmail account. You can use the same email to login to

Click on create a new blog

Step 1 – Enter Title

In the title enter the title of your blog – an example would be oil free cooking.

Step 2 – Enter Blog Address

Type in your blog address – it could be oil free cooking.

Make sure that the words are having no space in between them. So if your domain is available you will get a green button showing that it is available.

If it’s not you will have a yellow exclamation mark and it says sorry this blog address is not available.

Add more words or change the title around 2 till you find a block which is available.

Step 3 – Select a Theme

Select a template which is simple and clean. This is the look and feel of your Blog.

Don’t be extremely picky at this moment because you can always change this template later on

Now click on create a blog.

Congratulations! Your blog is ready for you to start publishing articles.

To add content on your blog you need to click on the new post button at the top.

writing a post in blogger

You will get a white space area like your notepad.

You can type in your content in this whitespace area once you’re done hit the publish button and you’re all set

What to do after starting a blog ?

Once you start a blog you will notice that starting a blog is not enough.
You need people to check out your blog.
This is known as getting traffic to your blog you want visitors to your blog .
There are many things you have to do once you have started a blog.
So here is a quick overview of what needs to be done.

  • Write articles based on what people are looking for.
  • Share your articles.
  • Research ways to get people on to your blog either via Google or via social media.
  • Eventually you might look at ways to make money from your blog

Now its your turn

I am so excited that you have decided to start a blog. now I would like to know what are your thoughts about starting a blog with no money. Is there something you would like me to address is there something you would like me to elaborate upon?

Would love to hear your thoughts !

In this series of #startaBlog I will be showing you how to start a Blog and Make Money with it.