Income School Writing Service ( Content Writing P24 Articles, Bonus) Response, Staple and Pillar Posts

We have been associated with Income School for exactly a year. We have written numerous articles the Project24 way both for ourselves and for clients.

What type of posts can be written for Income School articles? Jim and Ricky recommend 3 types of articles the response posts ( 1000 + words long), Staple Posts ( 2000 + words) and Pillar posts ( 3500 words).

  • Response Posts Anywhere upto 1000 words
  • Staple Posts – upto 2000 words

We are two writers who have learned, tested and replicated what Jim and Ricky teach about creating content for Passive Income Blogs. You can watch the video below if you want to understand the process.

We have added a Hit List creation service – Income School Keyword Research

Income School Project 24 Content Writing Service

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Income school now recommends three types of posts

Response Posts

These are articles up to 1000 words long. They are short question and answer type posts.
They answer the question quickly keeping in mind the intent of the person searching.

Staple Articles

These are in-depth articles and include how-to posts, and list posts.

These posts involve research and are more in-depth and require a lot more time.


Irrespective of article length the concept remain the same

Before we start here is a video by Jim and Ricky explaining the entire process.

P.S. Now Jim is no longer a part of Income School

How to create content for Passive Income Blogs

Skip to the 15 minutes timeframe in the video below to understand the 3 types of articles and what is expected.

Income School Post Types

There are 3 types of posts we are focusing on in Project 24. Response Posts, Staple Posts, and Pillar Posts.

What is a Response Post?

A response post is a response to a question. It answers a specific question quickly and has low competition. These are the very first articles you must write on your website.

  • Write 10 response posts
  • these rank quickly
  • they will get your website noticed quickly
  • They might not get a ton of traffic but the traffic tends to add up

My best posts are response posts. They rank quickly and they send me tons of traffic. I really love these quick-to-write, digestible bits of posts. They get the snippet in google quickly and you must work with these.

What is a Staple Post?

These are a bit more competitive than response posts.

  • 2000 words long
  • List type post ( tips, 10 ways, how to, in-depth response post)
  • A resource which is in-depth and better than the other articles on the web

What is a Pillar Post?

These topics are searched a lot on the internet and will bring in a lot of traffic. These are highly competitive topics.

  • 3500 words long
  • Competitive Topics
  • Include data, some tables, some comparisons – bring in as much information as you can

What Types of Posts to Write

Research your niche and identify topics you would like to write on. Remember to go through the Search Analysis section in the Project 24 members area.

Create a hitlist of 30 topics – 15 Response and 15 Staple

The type of post depends on

  • Your Niche – make sure all the topics or keywords you select are tightly focused on your niche
  • Competition – review your competition and decide whether the post should be a response post, staple post or pillar post based on how competitive your niche is.

In what Order to Write

Jim and Ricky suggest starting with the low competition posts and moving on to the more competitive ones. So start with the response posts, then move on to the staple posts. Pillar posts come in last and these are real meaty posts with tons of content and in-depth analysis.

Why you should hire us?

You get certified writers who have been trained in the Project 24 writing style. We understand what is required so that the articles are written as per Income school guidelines.

We have not only written for clients but are working on our own website(s).

As we have gone through the entire process of niche selection, hit list creation and writing, we understand what is required.

We have been able to rank our articles on Page 1 and many of our articles have snagged the snippets.

So, in short, we know what you want, you can be confident in our services.

Project 24 Content Writing Service

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These are what we charge for our writing services. Just send us the keywords or topics.

Type Word Count Cost in US $
Response 1000 40
Staple 2000 80
Basic Hit List   200

Search Analysis Service for Income School

I can help you find good topics to write about which can get you rankings and traffic.

Income School Keyword Research – 40 Dollars

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Income School Keyword Research ( Hit List)

We create a hit list for you. This is the list of keywords you can write articles on.

This pack includes 30 Topics ( cost $40)

These are topics your competitors are trying to rank for and whom you can outrank.

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Income School Project 24 Content Writing Service