Search Analysis Income School

Search Analysis is the term coined by Income School to refer to keyword research.

It has also been know as topic research in seo.

Income School Keyword Research

Income School Keyword Research process is a bit different than normal keyword research.

In fact you can check their keyword research process in the video below.

This type of research is not just exclusive to income school. In fact I found this technique mentioned jn a much older article on some website.

So basically you look for topics to write about which are having decent volume and are easy to rank for.

We break the topics, or keywords into three two types of posts.

Response posts – 1350 to 1500 word articles

Staple posts – 2000 word articles

Pillar posts – 3500 word articles

You can read about income school type posts here.

Search Analysis Service for Income School

I can help you find good topics to write about which can get you rankings and traffic.

Income School Keyword Research – 100 Dollars

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Income School Keyword Research ( Hit List)

We create a hit list for you. This is the list of keywords you can write articles on.

This pack includes 30 Topics ( includes 3 competitor research)

These are topics your competitors are trying to rank for and whom you can outrank.

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