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Mom Instagram Slime Shop Business India

This is an exciting day because I share with you an exciting small business which a mom started from home. She is India’s first Adult Slimer.

How to Start a Slime Business on Instagram? Instagram is the best platform for slimers. To get started create a Business account on Instagram, share slime videos and content regularly, brand your images, share enticing captions and optimize your Instagram account for online sales. Participate in the Instagram community and setup traction.

Here is how India’s very first adult mom slimer is working her business on Instagram. She does have an online store from where you can purchase her products.

Hi, thanks a lot for mentioning  BlimeySlimes   in your blogs.
I’m Ayesha, I stay in Hyderabad. I’m an architect by profession but I love to dabble in crafts. Right now I’m into making slimes and run an online slime business.

Slime is this squishy and gooey substance which is made from glue.

The colours and add-ons like glitter, sequins in slime are very pleasing to look at. Slime videos went viral because a lot of people like how they sound when poked, stretched and squished.

Slimes are a huge trend in the west. The trend arrived in India  about 3 years ago .

A considerable amount of the slime businesses run outside India are run by teenagers. In India, I’m the first adult to start a slime business.
I love making clear slimes compared to the other glue slimes.

Can you tell us about your products?

Slimes are glue based products. There’s an addition of borax which ‘forms’ the slime and thus the main ingredients of slime are glue and borax. I sell my products online.

Usually, I have bi weekly stock ups of different slimes, but I also take up random orders on request.

Why did you get started with the Slime business? How long have you been at it?

I started my business back in March of 2017. I previously had a charms business but that had hiatus because I had to take care of my little one.

I missed doing business in crafts and one fine day me and my older son were watching one of those viral ‘asmr‘ videos and slimes caught our attention.

I gave it a try and after a month of trial and error, I got a recipe that suited me best and I got started.

Do you have a daily schedule? Do you have someone to help you? How many hours per day do you spend on your business?

Blimey slimes is run by me on the slime front alone with my husband, brother and parents lending a hand if and whenever I have to get supplies or have any exhibitions to take care of.

Mostly I work at night when the kids are asleep and I have the house to myself. I don’t work daily but weekly I would say I work about 8 to 10 hrs. I work on new slime ideas, shooting videos, posting them on different platforms, preparing for orders etc.

What motivates you to keep working on it?

Oh yes, I have had my share of ‘I’m quitting’ days. And then there are days where I feel like making a million slimes. I work mostly via social media, Instagram to be more precise. The kind words that kids message me regarding how much fun they had after receiving their slimes, that definitely makes me want to keep going.

How do you balance Family and Business?

It’s pretty tough, no doubt. Especially since my kids are very interested in slimes, it’s tough to do any work while they are awake.

My work is divided into stages –  slime making, making videos, uploading on shop, accepting orders, answering queries, packing and shipping  . So I try to work manage any task that’s possible in the time I get after they go to bed, I try to balance as best as I can.

If you were to start again what would you do different?

Ah, I’m happy with how things are at the moment. It’s a slow but steady pace.

About Slime Making Business in India – Blimey Slimes

Do you need any special skills or equipment for a slime business?

Not really, I make everything by hand and utensils that I have marked only for slime making. Just the experimenting part is what would need a bit of concentrating and calculating. The right ‘recipe’ and ingredients make slimes perfect.

How do you get the raw materials? What are the challenges you faced in your business?

I get some of my materials online and some locally. The challenges that I have faced is time, marketing and fondness for slimes.

I’m including fondness because now a days a lot of kids are trying their hands at making slime and the parents have had enough of the slimey mess in their homes. So the parents aren’t very fond of slimes unlike their kids.

How do you make time to make the products? Is there a course you recommend?

Late nights, I’m not much of a morning person so I like to work late nights. I wouldn’t say there’s any course for slime making but instead it’s understanding how the ingredients work to make the best and playable slime.

How did you learn how to brand your products?

I’m self taught. I was previously into charm making. I would make tutorials and upload them on YouTube. Google and YouTube were of great help for marketing and packaging ideas.

How much Money can you make from slime?

Yes I do earn from my business. There’s no fixed earnings as such, per month. Sometimes I stock up on my products and sometimes I just work per weekly order (based on my kids’ school schedules). This is a part time job. Doing this business is like a ME TIME for me.

How do you price your Slimes?

For pricing my products, I try to use the formula which I used during my charm making. Google helped me for this ‘formula’ which includes amount of time spent on each product.

How much money do you spend on yourSlime business? What was your initial investment?

I love crafts and me in a stationery store is like a child in a candy store. So I end up purchasing a lot of items especially those which catch my eye.

Initial investment (including time, time is precious ) was considerable since I had to run around finding the right sources for a lot of supplies.

Any tips for people getting started with Slime business?

Its easy to start a slime business since a lot of kids are trying their hand at slime making.

One thing  I would like to emphasize on would be hygiene  while making slime and taking take of oneself after playing with slime since it contains borax and borax can make the skin dry. Some people can also be allergic to borax.

Any other thoughts?

Keep sliming and spread #SlimeLove

You can have some gooey fun at Ayesha’s slime shop on Instagram BlimeySlimes.

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