South Indian Food Blogger Grandma

Grandmas cooking is special, what makes it special is when grandma and her daughter-in-law team up to cook up some delicious recipes with lots of love and advice.

Here is a blog about Hindu rituals, recipes, taking care of new mothers and newborns etc..

Story behind Cooking Granny

Cooking Granny is a hint of grandmas cooking with all those special touches … the cuisine is influenced from Karnataka. Cooking Granny has dishes which are lovingly prepared by Mallama ajji…

She loves cooking, and is passionate about making delicious south Indian dishes.

Through her Cooking channel and blog she has demonstrated many dishes to help young women / girls to prepare delicious u0026amp; healthy food for her family.

She is also teaching step by step procedure to prepare these dishes, so that anybody can just follow to learn. She is also giving much information on culture and traditions that we follow in festivals, day to day life and to keep the family happy, safe and healthy.

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She motivates and encourages young women to follow, learn, try, prepare and the best cooking practices. She wants to help people who are very much passionate about cooking and try new recipes.

Mallamma ajji born on August 15th, 1948 at Nagavalli village, Tumkur district, Karnataka state in veerashiva lingayat hindu family.

You can learn a lot of things from Mallamma Ajji other than cooking alone.

She is a perfect guide for all of us….

Here is a short interview with her daughter-in-law

How did you decide on what to name your blog?

My mom in law and me together started YouTube channel and since she was aged and knew cooking recipes I named it as cooking Granny

Your Blog Categories and why you chose them

My Blog categories are – Cooking, rituals, festivals, post and pre-pregnancy

I chose these categories because I was good at it and knew that very well

How do find topics to write about? Is it random, keyword research involved?

Actually, first we should create content which you are good at… Then create a customer base and get customer attention., Then ask what the customer wants and create accordingly.

I created a YouTube channel, people liked and started subscribing, later they posted comments on what content they wanted. And we created accordingly.

What does your publishing schedule look like? Do you publish everyday?

Once in a week or a fortnightly

How are you able to manage family, blog, work, friends?

Make a proper schedule and do the work part by part and have a priority list

How many years does it take to make money? Do you need a particular number of visits to make money?

You need to create a brand first…..
It takes 1-2 years of consistently and dedication and good relevant content…
You shud think in the point of user perspective.
Know what your customers want and create content….don’t think about when we will get money…think only about good content creation..then money will follow

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You can check grandmas cooking at