How to RANK YouTube Videos on Google FIRST page

Here is how you can rank on first page of Google and to YouTube within 24 hours.

How do you rank in first page of Google and YouTube? You can easily rank YouTube videos by using a step by step approach. Select a topic which is aligned with your channel objectives. Create the video and upload using YouTube seo.

Three software which can help you achieve this and each at a different price point

Step 1 โ€“ Decide on a Topic

Step 2 โ€“ Build Authority

Step 3 โ€“ Create Video

Step 4 โ€“ Upload

Step 5 โ€“ Promote

Here is something I have managed to rank last week.

FREE 24Hour Technique I used

Video Topics for YouTube to Rank on FIRST Page

If you want to rank on first page of Google I can help you. Send me your niche and I can find 10 YouTube video topics.

I will also help you with title for the videos

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