How to Make a Good Youtube Video without Showing your Face

I used to shudder thinking about putting my face on YouTube. It was scary because I was worried if I would look right, if I would sound right and of coure, I had no camera, no editing skills.

That is when I decided to make an YouTube video because I was scared, because I was apprehensive. When you are procrastinating and afraid you must at that very moment push yourself to do it. It just means that you might be pushing through to a new phase in your life. Hence the fear.

How do you make a Youtube video without showing your face then? There are many types of videos such as tutorials, screenshares, gaming videos, product reviews, podcasts which can be made without having to ever show your face. You can use softwares such as Camstasia, VideoScribe, PowToon to make videos which never require you to be on camera. If you are even concerned about sharing your voice ( may the accent is your worry) you have many text to speech software called tts software which can be used to help with that.

There are numerous was to make videos without ever having to show your face or even your voice. Here are some ways I have personally used and some I have seen others use.

Software you can use to Make No face Videos

Screen Recorders

I like and use these softwares to record my screen. This was how I initially started as it gave me the courage to share my knowledge without showing my face.

Camtasia Studio

You can create video tutorials and presentations via screencast. You can even record your powerpoint presentations. You can decide what part of the screen you would like to record such as just a portion of the screen or the entire screen or just one window. You can record audio, or add in audio files later.

This is perfect for creating tutorials and how to videos or for simply sharing your presentations. This is a paid software.

Alternatives to Camstasia

Here are some alterntives just like Camstatsia which you can use. These are FREE or Freemium ( free for few days and paid later).

  • Camstudio
  • ezvid
  • iSpring Free Cam
  • FFsplit
  • Flashback
  • Fraps
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • PicPick
  • Bandicam
  • OBS Studio
  • Flashback
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Text to Speech

There is software which can convert text to speech hence are called tts software. This is the best way to repurpose articles. You can use these to convert text documents, web pages and pdf files.

This is helpful for visually impaired online learners. It is perfect to creating eLearning courses. Use a static image and just upload the audio file if you want to.

  • Natural Reader
  • Zabaware Text to Speech Reader
  • Ivona
  • iSpeech
  • Acapela Group Virtual Speaker
  • AudioBookMaker
  • TextAloud 3
  • Read The Words
  • VoiceReader 15

Whiteboard Animation

These are great to create interactive learning materials which areeasy to consume and put ideas across. Basically, you create a storyboard and visually show this. The video created includes writing and narration.

There are many software which make this process very simple and I personally know of people who have grown their video channels and audience using motivational videos created using these technologies

  • Sparkol VideoScribe
  • GoAnimate
  • PowToon

Here is a sample I made

Faceless YouTube Video Ideas

Feeling stuck on what to do… Well here are some ideas which you can start on for making faceless videos. Once you get started making videos, you will be able to identify which works best for you.


Tutorials explaining a subject, an ideology, a concept all are required. These are evergreen just like education is evergreen usually. If you were teaching a mathematical concept today, it would remain the same tomorrow and for years to come. The fundamental concepts never change.

Create tutorials explaining concepts. You can explain a subject, explain chapters in a book. You can use a screenshot of the documents and focus on that while you speak or use a powerpoint presentation with snippets of text.

Customer Testimonials

For a business owner this is the best way to gain credibility for their business. This also is an easy method of creating youtube videos without showing your face.

Ask your customers if they are willing to provide a feedback about your product or service. Record this on your smart phone or use a camera. You can also ask your customer to record a video and upload it into Google documents.

You can download the file and upload it to your channel.

Another way is to show a screenshot of the testimonial on paper or on your website, or of the email testimonial they sent you. Read it out aloud as you record the video.

How to Videos

I have made numerous hot to videos and these are the easiest to make. I love explaining how to use a product or how to assemble a product.

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There are many people showing how to cook, craft, garden, take care of a pet, teach children manners. These are some of the easiest to make and you can simply focus your camera on the product or toy.

Gaming Videos

Live streams of games to Youtube are very popular nowadays. Basically you start playing a game and live stream your screen to Youtube. You can alternatively record a video game and then upload that to Youtube.

Do check the copyright laws for the same.

Online Product or Service Review

I have made numerous such videos without ever showing my face. I have reviewed software I purchased, home appliances, soaps, beauty products.

This is a lot of fun and can be used to get conversations started. People stop by and address concerns, ask questions, which would then be the seed for your next video.


YouTube is filled with animations of Book reviews, testimonials, product reviews, educational stories.

I tried using the whiteboard softwares and it really is fun if you can get the hang of it.

My computer just couldn’t handle the processing speeds and it wasn’t easy for me. i have watched numerous whiteboard animation videos which explain concepts either using words or cartoon characters.

I must admit, I find it very difficult because I am not too creative. If you want to make an animated video of say a book. Read the book. Jot down the major points or concepts covered in the book. Story boarding is key to success and if you can somehow extract as much information as you can from the book, the better. Use these concepts to design a storyboard. Decide how you can explain these concepts effectively.

Repurpose content using PPT

Create a powerpoint presentation and then start the slideshow. Use a screencapture software to capture the screen and now explain the powerpoint.

I will be making more of such videos as they are very easy to make. The first time you make the video will be the most time consuming. You have to create the powerpoint.

There are many templates you can use from. Decide on what topics you want to cover in the video.

Create slides to explain the concepts. You can insert images, analytics, to demonstrate a point or concept.

You can also extrapolate points, make mini graphs as well.

Other Ideas for No face Videos

  • Music Videos
  • Showcase your crafts or photos
  • Podcast
  • Explainer videos – explain concepts
  • Stock Footage videos
  • Movie Reviews
  • PoV Point of View Videos
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Am I too old to Start a YouTube Channel?

Staring a Youtube channel has absolutely no relation with age. Youtube is all about sharing your ideas with people in a meaningful way which is beneficial to both you and the audience.

YouTube is all about Ideas, and ideas are not limited by age. Age might actually bring wisdom, struggles and failures and all these can bring a whole new perspective to any topic.

As an example look at skincare, most Youtube channels are focusing on skincare for youngsters. Mature skin has its own requirements, loss of elasticity, moisture, ageing. These are best explained by someone who has experienced these issues with genuine solutions which actually work.

Every niche has a need for tutorials on how older people can be benefited, whether it is the 30 plus group or 40 plus or 60 plus..

So if you have an idea, just plunge right in, your expertise is required.

Is It Worth it to Make YouTube Videos?

I have asked myself this question numerous times…over and over again. Initially I was getting subscribers and views. Overtime people starting making similar videos in a better format. I stopped getting subscribers and views.

I was naive enough to base my success on metrics such as how many views the videos had and how many subscribers were gained and lost. These are vanity metrics. If this is what you are aiming for then Youtube might not work for you.

To make it work you need a goal for each and every video. After all YouTube is a 3rd party platform. The moment YouTube changes its rules, or suspends your account, you have lost everything. Instead make Youtube a part of your gameplan ( not the whole game plan).

Create a purpose for your channel such as

  • Generate Leads
  • Email Signups
  • Branding plus lead gen

Now make videos to serve this purpose and see how it works beautifully.

Is it hard to become a YouTuber?

It isn’t hard to become a Youtuber. It is very easy to create a gmail account, and start a Youtube channel. Smartphones have made it soeasy that almost everyone has uploaded some kind of video online ( whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp).

The hard part is being consistent, remaining focused and motivated. For me it is still a struggle, I have given up YouTube for months and then gone back. This has hurt my channel a lot.

Without purpose you cannot make any project work. This must be something which will drive you to work day in and day out.

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