Does Google Index Pinterest?

Does Google index Pinterest? Yes Google does index Pinterest there are instances why Google did not index Pinterest.

In this video I have shown prove that Google indexes Pinterest pins, boards and profile.

You will learn how to get pins indexed file Google.

You will be surprised to know that Pinterest follows similar principles to Google these are the Google ranking factors.

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Some of these include expertise that is make yourself look like an expert.

In the video I show you how to setup your account so that you look like an expert.

Next is authority.

Show that you are an authority in your Niche.

Third important factor is trust your profile should be able to convince.

So does Google index Pinterest? Yes it does.

How to rank pinterest boards on Google?

Get your Pinterest SEO right. If you want to rank Pinterest boards on Google you must focus on Pinterest SEO.

So does Pinterest help with SEO?

Pinterest does not influence SEO. but if you get your pains ranked on Google you will notice that your website gets pushed up in rankings.