DIGITAL Deepak Internship Review ( Fee, Assignment, Certificate)

Digital Deepak internship program is a 12 week internship in digital marketing.

The digital Deepak internship program is for those who want to learn digital marketing to market their services or products or for starting their career as a digital marketer.

What is Digital Deepak?

Digital Deepak is by Deepak Kanakaraju. He landed into digital marketing by fluke.

He had simply started a blog on bikes when blogging was a new thing.

What happened later was something like a rags to riches story…almost 😀

He got noticed just because of a hobby and his dedication to documenting his love for bikes.

When I say noticed…its really noticed. He was invited to conferences overseas, all paid trips to events hosted by world’s leading bike manufacturer…

Check this Digital Marketing course which is more step by step. This course has live classes. It is recommended if you want to actually practice.

So this other course is internationally known, has course material from industry experts.

I recommend it if you want to get certified or want to start a digital marketing career.

How does this connect with Digital Marketing?

When Deepak Kanakaraju understood the power a small blog had… he started trying to decide why it worked.

This was the reason for defying all odds and testing, learning and implementing digital marketing strategies.

Let’s talk about DDIP

It’s a course to get you started with Digital marketing.

You learn all about the various facets of marketing online.

You learn SEO, the value of content, how to setup sales or lead generation funnels, how to establish yourself as a digital marketer, mentor or professional ( based on the goals of your life).

How is Digital Deepak Internship Program Different

When you search Google you will find tons of internship programs for digital marketing.

And as we speak they are growing….

What is different is that you get to learn a holistic approach to digital marketing.

And, you get paid to learn….

Let’s talk about this a bit more….

When you sign up for the program you pay fees upfront.

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Then you start the course which is presently broken up into 12 Modules.

Each module has a cashback. Cashbacks vary from 501 RS to 1000 RS

So you get paid back what you invested….

Not entirely…but you do get back a major chunk…

But, if you don’t complete as assignment within the deadline….you make 0 Rs.

So what makes DIGITALdeepak different is the incentive….if money motivates you…you will get it done…

If motivation motivates you, you have a group of team members to support and egg you on.

So yes there is a potential to earn most of your money back.

If you want to earn more than you pay…then read on 😀

Digital Deepak Internship Course Structure

The course is divided into 12 modules.

Each module varies in the difficulty level and you get different cash backs for different modules.

You are expected to submit an assignment the end of the module within the stipulated time frame.

Let me tell you upfront that some of the assignments are not easy to complete.

They take a lot of patience learning, hard work and most importantly you need to get out of your comfort zone.


From what I have checked online different batches have different payments.

For the batch I joined the payment was around 20000

From what I noticed online, the payment or fees seems to be increasing.


You get a certificate at the end of the internship.

There is a catch though.

Since batch 8 they have introduced a system where you need to write a test.

This qualifies you for the certificate.

It’s an MCQ or multiple choice questions test.

The top 100 receive a cash prize.

Hence you get more back than you pay.

Digital Deepak Internship Review

This internship is aimed at giving a broad overview of digital marketing.

You learn the ins and outs of marketing online.

You kind of understand what it takes to be a Digital Marketer.

If you need to learn digital marketing in-depth you need to learn those parts by implementing yourself.

So if you are thinking of taking the course and just showing yourself as a marketer you can.

What would really help you would be to implement what is taught.

Unless you implement it won’t work for you.

You need to spend a lot of time understanding and implementing what is taught.

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Since different types of people are in the group you can learn from each other.

Some of the students are professionals, some fresher’s, some looking to start their career in digital marketing.

It’s a blend which is both helpful and counterproductive at times.

Experienced business owners and professionals can understand sales concepts very well.

Students or techies understand how to iron out the technical glitches…

When you see someone way ahead of you, it is natural to feel defeated and incompetent.

To take advantage of this course, sign up to the telegram group.

Ask questions and keep asking till you get it.

There are 60 days to submit an assignment.

Don’t wait for the 60 the day as the assignments take work.

If you already are a Digital marketer you might find it easy to understand many concepts.

For a student it might be difficult but you might be more enthusiastic in trying something new.

All in all it is decent Internship where you get to do stuff and live in the mind of a digital marketer.

You get to market yourself, or your business or your clients or reach out for jobs using the power of digital marketing.

Check the link below to learn more.

Is Digital Deepak Internship Program worth it?

This is a tricky question and I will try to answer it the best way posaible.

You will learn an overview of digital marketing.

You learn about content writing you will learn a bit about a bit about Facebook and Facebook ads about Google ads.

So basically you will learn all that a digital marketer I end up doing in his or her career.

The Problem

Disclaimer this is my opinion and what I found about the course.

In my opinion if you think that this is the cause which will set you on a digital marketing career then it is not.

Yes you will learn a lot about the different aspects of digital marketing but you will be the jack of all trades and the master of none.

For a newbie it would be very confusing.

What I found out is that the different models are not laid out properly.

The course could use some help from an instructional designer.

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Basically your between a module and in that module they will be one very very very long video.

For me it was very difficult to retain attention for such a long time.

It would have been better if they were broken up into sub modules.

Also most of it (except maybe the Google ads and the Facebook ads) are just slideshow presentations.

so so if you think that you know you can do the assignment and get your money back it’s not that easy.

you need to have have some prior experience to do the assignments quickly.

Else you need to watch return of YouTube videos and do a lot of research to be able to complete the assignments.

May be the first few assignments will be easy to do, but the remaining assignments need a lot of research.

As I said the course could have been structured well.

So if you are taking the course thinking that you will get your entire money back think twice.

Yes you might get some money back.

To get the rest of the money back you need to work really hard.

Also you will never get 100% back.

There is a certificate at the end of the course and they say that you get a big amount if you make it to the top 100.

If you make it to the top 100 you might get the full amount back.

I found that exam to be not very good, it had spelling mistakes.

The questions were not properly prepared.

Also I am of the opinion that some of the answers were wrong.

Yes you might find that my review is not like it hundreds of other reviews your finding online.

This is totally my opinion and how I found the course to be structured.

If you are still ok with it then go ahead and take a sneak peak, the link should be somewhere on this page.

One last thing if you’re expecting that Deepak would be delivering the course then it is not true.

I believe for the first few batches the courses were live and the Deepak was handling those batches.

Now they are just pre recorded sessions.

The q and a sessions are held by the supporting staff.

So there you go that’s the entire through picture.