Best Blog Courses ( Training) Online

I have actually purchased blog courses and reviewed them here on my blog.

This is so that I can share with you exactly what you get when you purchase these blog courses online.

Learn to Blog Course

I wrote a book on getting started with blogging and earning a full time income from home.

Later I purchased a few courses so that I can refer these to my blogger friends.

If you are looking for a simple step by step method to starting a blog you can take a look at my eBook.

If you are looking for a course filled with worksheets, workbooks, over the shoulder video walkthroughs you can take a look at this blogging course.

Blog Course Online

Signing up for a blog course online is a time-saver. Yet there are numerous instances where I have been taken for a ride. I have lost a lot of money on so called blog courses which never did work.

Recently I met a lady who had invested a huge sum of money for a blogging course online.

It included online Teaching and a few in person sessions.

When I met her, she had completed the course and was working as a content writer.

When we got discussing I realized the course owner had cheated her.

She did not know setting up a blog or keyword research. They taught her one way of writing blog posts which she was working on religiously but it’s lacking.

When you look for blog courses online, make sure that they fulfil these criteria.

Tips for selecting a good of Course Online

  • The course provider is actually doing what he or she is sharing
  • The course provider has actually replaced his or her income
  • Ask for proof
  • Look at reviews from students
  • Look at the course content.
  • The price and the learning curve

If the course provider cannot provide proof, don’t purchase the course.

I search Google and look at real proof. I look at analytics. I study their program before spending my money.

I have lost enough to learn it the hard way.

Blog Training

Training courses usually will have a course outline.

Check this outline and see if you can stick to it.

That is why I share course outlines in my review.

I want the person buying to be absolutely sure this is what they wnat.

I cannot tell you how many times I have not purchased a course when I saw the course outline.

Either I did not like the approach or it felt too hard.

The approach if it does not resonate with you you will never end up implementing the course.

No implementation = No Results

There is no point purchasing something if you cannot stick to it.

There might be times you just don’t like the strategy.

Then don’t buy the blog training. It will not work for you.

Best Blog Courses

I am so excited today 😁. I have purchased a blog course and I am reviewing it on this blog.

Follow along and see if this course resonates with you.

This is definitely one of those which falls in the best blog courses category.

I have been on the fence for this course for a while.

I did not need to purchase it.

Yet I thought let me buy, review and see if this has more value and is a good fit for my readers.

So check out my review and follow along – Blog Course for Beginners to Advanced

How to Start a Blog and Get Paid

After having written numerous posts on stating a blog I found it shocking when someone messaged me.

They said they didn’t understand where to begin 😂🤣

Imagine my shock and how my bubble burst…

Never take anything for granted for in life.

I had assumed that people would get it. But we are all at different stages of learning.

I have put together a comprehensive guide (10000 plus words) to solve the issue.

Yes some of the things are redundant but it’s all in one place and you can find it here – how to start a blog

Blogging for Beginners Course Free

Blogging Course in India