Mommy Blogger India ( Parenting, FoodArt, Lifestyle Blogger) Interview TheMagicPlatter

Hi, I am Sonam Jain, mom of a 2-year-old and a part-time Mommy blogger and recently a mompreneur too. I started blogging when about 11/2 years ago where I kind of felt lonely since I had quit work to experience motherhood. At that point I decided to share my love for foodart with all. So … Read more

Income School Project 24 Review ( 60 Steps, Cost)

Income School Project 24 Review

I want you to follow me along as I review the Income School Project 24. I am planning to blog as often as I can and share my progress. So you will find analytics, videos and what is working, what isn’t … This is what you can expect to find in the Income School Project … Read more

What Should your Blog Name Be? 12 Bloggers on how to come up with a blog name

creating a blog name ideas

Can’t think of Blog Name ? I asked the blogger community the dreaded newbie question ” What Should your Blog name be ? 12 Bloggers share their reasons on how to come up with a Blog Name. Some share their stories on how they decided on naming their blog. These are very interesting ideas and … Read more