List of Mom Influencers in India

We live in a powerful era where businesses are reaching out to microinfluencers, specifically Moms to market their products. Moms are the best advocates for any business as they are the most concerned for their babies. I was recently invited to a WhatsApp group saying it was for influencers, they liked my blog etc. When … Read more

How to Start a Mom Blog on Instagram

How to Start a Mom Blog on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms for conversations, product promotions, moms sharing their lives, thoughts and kids lives. Instagram micro-influencers are on the rise especially in countries such as India. Is this because of the infiltration of the Internet, smartphones? No idea. But I do know that Instagram has started … Read more

Akanksha Fashion Instagram Influencer

instagram fashion influencer india

Fashion Influencers are taking over the Internet by storm ..literally. Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms for sharing fashion and lifestyle posts. A fashion influencer as per wikipedia has the power to influence the purchasing decisions of people. Why you should become a Fashion Influencer? You love fashion, you dream breathe and … Read more

Mom Instagram Influencer (Lifestyle, Income, Brands)

Banashree Palit

Instagram Influencers are people just like you and me. They are normal folks making a living via Instagram. An influencer can be a mother, a student, a public figure, a celebrity, a dog, a child…An Instagram influencer can be thin, fat, rich, poor, a student, a businesswoman… it does not matter. How to Become an … Read more