KDP Publishing – Kindle Launch Plan

How to launch a book on Amazon and ensure it is a bestseller. Follow the KDP Publishing launch plan and generate a passive income from home.

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KDP Launch Plan Course

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  • Launch a Bestselling Book on Amazon
  • Research the Supply and Demand for Books in Your Niche
  • Drive Email Sign-Ups From Your Book — Even If They Don’t Buy
  • Generate More Exposure on Amazon w/ Simple Content “Hacks”
  • Choose the Right Keywords and Categories to Find More Buyers
  • How to Write a Killer Book Description That Sells
  • Price Your Book for Sales, Profit, and Perceived Value
  • Set up Your Free Amazon Author Central Page
  • Build a Team of Launch Ambassadors

Kindle Launch Plan Review

Kindle Launch has been created by Nick Loper. I came across his podcasts and have been a big fan since then.

Nick Loper has been featured on The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and speaking at a TEDx event.


He is very approachable, humble and helpful.

I am reviewing his course so please follow along.

There are 3 sections in this course.


13 Sub Sections

In this section we learn how to perform market research, review titles, write the book, create a buzz.