What is WordPress 5.0 – Gutenberg WordPress Editor
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What is WordPress 5.0 – Gutenberg WordPress Editor

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WordPress 5.0 rolls out December 6th, eeeks… that is today…

The major update WordPress says is that they have added the Gutenberg component. Gutenberg is an editor which replaces the classic editor now found in wordpress.
Gutenberg editor works in blocks. You can add blocks of content to form a complete article.
This means you can add an image in its own block, a video in a seperate block.I have been playing around with Gutenberg and it has some really cool features… but there are so many things which concern me…Before we take a look at what these are let us take a quick at how to safeguard yourself from this update.

Why Safeguard

When Gutenberg was first introduced I was so excited to try it. While it is a very powerful interface many features did not work as intended.
I will show you some features not working as I test it today.
It is better to take a backup of your website using plugins like UpDraftPlus or All in One WordPress Migration.

Prepare for the Update

Try not to update WordPress till the next version rolls out and all bugs are fixed. So if you can wait till WordPress 5.1 or 5.2 is available and update your WordPress to that version.

Take a backup as mentioned earlier. I have made a copy of my website using the All in One WordPress Migration.

Once the new version rolls out and you are unable to work with it, install the classic editor to get back your wordpress editor.

Classic editor will not be supported beyond December 31.

Finally the Secret is out…

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