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Start a Beauty Blog ( Make Money, Get Free Stuff, Ideas): Ultimate Guide

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There are never too many beauty blogs in my opinion. This is because there are so many different types of people ( with different beauty requirements).

One beauty blog can never answer all the questions. This is a golden opportunity for you, because you just need to find that perfect topic(s) to blog about to get audience to your blog.

How to start a beauty blog and make money as well as get free stuff? Starting a Blog is very easy with WordPress and the cheap hosting plans available. The important thing is to pick the right topics to blog about. Beauty is too broad a topic and you must niche down to a specific skin type or beauty products you would like to work on.

Starting a Blog is very easy, the difficult part is being consistent and generating an income from your blog or vlog.

How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money

I have started quite a few blogs and vlogs and finally have narrowed it down to the following few steps which I do for every vlog.

Step 1 – Find the Niche

Finding a niche is the most important step in starting a successful blog. A niche should be broad enough to give you some breathing space and scope to write about different topics. I get bored very easy and also tend to run out of ideas when my main niche is very narrow.

On the other hand your niche should not be too broad as it becomes virtually impossible to cover a broad topic.

If you are planning to write about beauty why not select hair and beauty products for hair. This narrows it down to one topic which isnt too narrow.

Here are some topic ideas for hair beauty products

  • natural hair care ( products, remedies)
  • hair extensions
  • hair styling products
  • ayurvedic hair care

There are numerous possibilities. Brainstorm each sub topic and you might find that a sub topic is so broad what you want to create a vlog just on that.

I spend some time in this step as it helps clarify my thought in what I want to blog about. I have created a spreadsheet with all topics and sub topics I would like to blog about.

This tool for blogging ( from Project24) is very useful as it helps me have a visual picture of what all I need to do for my blog.

Step 2 – Purchase Domain and Hosting

Next up I purchase Domain and Hosting. I install wordpress and install a default theme. You can find all the details in my book on how to make money from blogging.

Step 3 – Brainstorming topics to write about

Step 4 – Monetising

Step 5 – Videos

How to get FREE Cosmetic Samples and Beauty Products

Bloggers, Vloggers and makeup artists get free products and samples. Personal Care, cosmetic and beauty supply companies are eager to send sample products. This gets them visibility and branding. They can reach out to lots of new customers through reviews by bloggers and vloggers.

Here are a few ways I get free products to review and test.

Makeup and Perfume Sample products to Try

Here is how I get free Makeup samples to try. You can download an application to get free products. New users have to request access and if you use my referral code,you should be able to get quick access and approval.

Select free samples available and you should get them within a week or two.

( Use my Smytten Referral Code ♥️ WBctG ♥️ to get easy access to the smytten app )

Contact Companies Directly

I had tried participating in surveys and giveaways. The chances of getting products from such activities are slim to none. The most effective way to get free products to try is to contact the companies directly.

If you are looking to just try the products before purchasing them, then contact the company and ask for trial products. Let them know how much you like their brand and would love to try their product before purchasing a full size product.

This might seem very simple but it works really well. Companies are always looking for new customers and are willing to send samples if they feel you might be a genuine customer.

How to get samples as a Beauty Blogger

To get samples as a vlogger and blogger, you can send a PR mail with details of your blog or vlog. Include links to your blog, vlog, social media channels and analytics.

This process is actually straightforward and free and just requires you to take the effort to contact companies and brands.

The process

  • Go to the official website
  • Find an email address or postal address. I sometimes use the contact us form on their website
  • Send a well-crafted email or letter. Be sure to include how much you like their brand, include your personal success using their products. Let them know which products you would like to try and why,

As my vlog grew, companies and brands started noticing me. They contact me and send me emails asking if I would like free products in exchange for a review. This happens over time and if you are consistent with you vlog or blog, brands will find you.

Initially I used to just review products I had on hand. I vlogged about the products I used, how I used them and what it did for my skin and hair. This helped me gain visibility, and eventually beauty product manufacturers started finding me.

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