#SheCaresSheShares MamyPoko Mommy Community

MamyPoko pants has launched an online community for mom’s called the #shecaressheshares

Mamypoko says #shecaressheshares is a

Mommy platform for mom’s to share tips and stories.
Here mom’s can share tips and stories related to childbirth, parenting and anything in between.

Here is how to get started with #shecaressheshares

Go to

Register – Enter your First name, last name, username, email, mobile number and a password

It asks you details about your baby

You can enter details if your baby is born before June 2016.

This is sad because mother’s can’t share tips to younger moms.

You need to then select your area of interest and agree to their terms and conditions and register.

Is this intentional?

Why should it be Only for mom’s with very tiny babies?

What if a mom who is planning a second baby wants to create an account?

What if a mom of bigger kids wants to share her story?

This additional details could have been asked later after we register.

This seems to be only for mom’s with very small babies.

How can someone share their experience as a mom?

I am saddened that I cannot create an account.

I truly thought I could share some advice on #shecaressheshares portal.

Oops that was their blog registration…🙄 I think

There is another place to share tips and stories

You need to go to this link

Add in your name, age, email address,phone number and then select tips or stories


It says it’s a Contest 😟

Contest terms and conditions

Am I muddled or am I not getting it 😞

Why is this feeling complicated? 🤔

You know what? I just shared a tip for a Contest which ended in May. I was thinking I was actually sharing a tip to the site 😭

Anyways if I haven’t confused you enough let me explain what I think it is.

#shesharesshecares was a Contest

It was held in May 2018.

The top stories and Tips were added to their community and they have launched that now.

They then should either update their share tips / stories page because it is outdated 😠


Take it down 🙄

Anyways go read some tips and stories and enjoy.

If you do end up registering or sharing your tips,I want to know how that went 😏

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