Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover 2018 Review / Demo

Maybelline clean express makeup remover Review and demo

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It’s packing is compact, looks very cute and easy to carry. Can drip a bit so carry it vertical.

Colour and Odour

I did not get any of strong smell which is why I like it. It’s a faint violet in colour ( due to added colour👇check the ingredients).


Mrp is Rs. 300

I bought it for RS. 200 👉 Buy Maybelline Clean Express



This is a silicon added to cosmetics to make them spreadable. It has mild water repellent properties. This ingredient is safe if rinsed off thoroughly.


This has properties to make skin soft and is used as a solvent in cosmetics. It leaves the skin feeling light, silky and non greasy. It is colorless and odorless.

Potassium phosphate

This is a surfactant and might be used as for it’s cleansing properties. It can cause mild sensitivity.

Sodium chloride

This could be common salt. It is usulaly used in cosmetics to increase the viscosity.

Hexylene Glycol

This is used in cosmetics as a emulsifier and surfactant. This is a low evaporating solvent and is water soluble.

Dipotassium phosphate

This can be said to sunthetic salt which helps maintain pH.

Disodium EDTA

Disodium EDTA and the related ingredients bind to metal ions which inactivates them. The binding of metal ions helps prevent the deterioration ofcosmetics and personal care products. It also helps to maintain clarity, protect fragrance compounds, and prevent rancidity.

Decyl Glucoside

This is found in baby products, skin care products, bath and hair products. It is generally used in cosmetics as a surfuctant.
This helps moisturize skin, prevents itchiness and inflammation.

Polyaminopropyl Biguanide

This is used in cosmetics as a Preservative. It has anti microbial properties and excessive use can be harmful.


Violet 2 is a synthetic pigment sometimes referred to in general terms as an anthraquinone color.


Most of the ingredients are water soluble, hence in my opinion proper rinsing should eliminate any harmful effects if any.

It is still full of chemicals. I wouldn’t use it everyday.

Does it work?

☝I have used a 24 hour lipstick, Lakme liquid lipstick, lip liner, another liquid lipstick, eye kaja, mascara.

Check video below to see results 👇

Maybelline Clean Express

Music Flower Gel Eyeliner

Click to Buy Music Flower Gel Eyeliner

I purchased Gel liner just because I was finding it very difficult to use a liquid eyeliner. Also most eyeliners were wearing off very fast or would smudge or would just look faded.

When I heard about Gel eyeliners I purchased this eyeliner to get an idea about how they are and whether I would be comfortable using it.

Music Flower Gel eyeliner review

Gel eyeliner Price Gel eyeliner Price
At the time of writing this post it costs Rs. 182


Dimethicone is a silicone based polymer or simply silicone oil. This ingredient ensures smooth application.
From what I have researched it does not clog pores. It is hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and nonacnegenic.
If you have dry skin this can make it worse. Also it does not sink in and nourish the skin but rather forms a plastic barrier on skin.

Ozokerite is a mineral wax. It used as a binder and prevents emulsions from seperating into oil and water. It is organic but it said to be a heavily processed material.

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
This is a synthetic oil which is often used as mineral oil substitute. This is an emollient and has moisturizing properties.

It is a paraben, can be carcinogenic if used in larger quantities. Please do you own research on this.

How to use Music Flower Gel Liner

Here is a quick tutorial on how to apply gel eyeliner.
Apply concealer or primer on upper lids and also around the eye, I apply on the undereye as well. Blend in the concealer ( the concealer I use ).
Don’t use a setting powder as this might cause the gel liner to clump. We want it to glide on and not clump.
How to use
How to apply gel eyeliner

How to clean gel eyeliner brush

How to clean gel eyeliner brush
You can clean the gel liner brush using many cleaners you might have at home.

Clean the brush after every use.

Here are some options for you.
Baby shampoo
Take a little amount of baby shampoo in your palm.
Mix in water.
Swirl your brush and clean it.
Rinse off and let it dry

Dish soap
Dish soap can remove all oils and kills bacteria. Take a small drop of dish soap in your hand mixed with water. Clean the brush and then rinse off and let it dry.
Makeup wipes
This method makes it easier. Just use you favorite makeup wipes to clean off your brush as well.
Makeup wipes do a good job of removing makeup hence use them to cleanse of the gel liner.
Just wipe off the brush after every use or at the end of the day.

How to revive gel eyeliner that dries up

How to revive gel eyeliner that dries up
Gel Eyeliners do tend to dry up and depending on the brand you have purchased they can be very expensive to purchase. Some easy and effective ways to revive your gel liner.
Eye drops
Add a few eye drops into your gel liner. Mix up with a clean brush and its ready to use.
Warm water bath
Take water heat it up to approximately 65 degree C . Take your gel liner pot and add it to the water in a tightly sealed bag.
Oil can clean almost anything. I use it to clean light switches to bathroom fixtures and now I use it as a part of my beaty regimen. Take a mild non scented oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil or baby oil. Use it to clean the brush.
Store the gel eyeliner bottle upside down. The moisture and oils go to the top which are required to prevent the gel from drying. Also keep a plastic sheet in between cap and gel. This will seal all oils and moisture in, preventing it from evaporating.

Can gel eyeliner be used as a kajal
It is advisable not to do that. Eyeliner gels can be harsh, most might not have organic compounds and cause dryness, itching and ageing.

Best Face Serum in India

Click to get the Best Face Serum in India for all skin types

What is face serum

A face serum is having active ingredients which are delivered into your skin. They are lightweight hence can penetrate the skin easily and are hence effective.

Face serum benefits

Face serum can help texturize your skin and moisturize it. It helps shrink pores, clear up acne, prevent breakouts, reduce pigmentation.

If you over 30 it might be a good addition to your skin care regime.

Face serum helps minimize wrinkles, fine lines, age spots. If you are looking for skin firming a serum can help you achieve that.

Face Serum uses – How to use face serum

Face serum is lightweight and it needs to penetrate the skin in order to do it’s work. So if you want to use a face serum it’s important you understand when to apply for serum.

When to apply face serum

Face serum needs to be applied to a clean skin. Wash your face with lukewarm water. This opens up the pores.

<<My Facewash>>

Select a facewash which is suited for your skin. After cleansing its time to apply a toner.

The toner helps tighten your pores and remove residual makeup which your face cleansing might have missed out. Some people totally skip this step which is fine.

<<My Toner>>

After toner goes on the face serum. Face serums are not essential but you will see in the review below the advantages are a lot and can enhance your skin care regime.

Face serum should be applied gently on the face. Don’t rub it in nor stretch the skin.

It is common to find a tingling sensation when you apply to your face and this is okay when it has natural ingredients.

Seer secrets review

I have purchased Seer Secrets Aloe vera & Guduchi Hydrating Retexturing Facial Serum a month ago.

Over the month I have noticed a lot of changes to the skin. Before we talk about what changes I experienced here are what goes in this serum.


Aqua, aloe vera juice extract, orange fruit extract, sugarcane extract, Vitamin C, Linalool, Limonene Carboxymethyl cellulose, Xanthum gum

Aloe vera and Guduchi – are the key ingredients which provide a clear, pimple free, glowing skin

Guduchi has anti-aging properties and it can beneficial from a younger age as well.

Aloe vera can soothe sun burn, it accelerates skin healing, fights signs of aging, reduces acne, lightens blemishes and provides hydration to the skin.

Did you know?

Aloevera works as a natural exfoliant and can exfoliate at a micro level. Aloe vera contains sugarcane extract which has glycolic acid helps in exfoliation and gives retexture to the skin.

What I experienced?

When I first started applying this serum I noticed that my skin would tingle. This is natural to experience. Now I dont experience that a lot.

My skin had started showing signs of ageing, dark spots and there were like patches on the skin. All these have evened out over the month of use.

My skin feels younger and supple. It looks and feels hydrated. Makeup glides on much better and I find that it has made a world of a difference to my skin. If you are aainst store bought products you could very well make one at home.

How to make Serum for face at home

You can easily make face serum at home. You can easily make face serum at home. It can be even less costly than the serums available in the market.
The only drawback is that the raw materials might not be easily available.
Also the homemade face serum can smell a bit, if you’re okay with it then a homemade serum does the same work as a store bought. You can decide what goes in it.
If you apply it daily you will notice a huge difference in your skin.

Serum for face homemade ( watch video for recipe)

How to wash out facial serum

Just cleanse out your face using a face cleanser. I use coconut oil to remove makeup residue and dirt. Then I use a face wash to cleanse out my face. This is the face wash I have been using for years.

I have started using these handmade Soaps to cleanse my face lately and have noticed a lot if difference in the skin.

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Best facial serum for aging skin

I prefer anything which has all natural ingredients and I would recommend this serum ➡ Seer Secrets Serum

How to Remove Sun Tan

How to remove Sun Tan

Sun tan is basically skin darkening of excess melanin production. If the outer skin is exfoliated you can reach the lighter skin inside. This gives an illusion of sun tan removal but I would simply call it skin lightening.

Our skin goes through a natural skin renewal process every 28 days. For some it is faster. Usually the tan is on the outer layer of the skin, so when the new skin replaces the old skin, you will lose your tan-if you have not been exposed to sunlight during that time.

So you can exfoliate your skin using different scrubs or using homemade scrubs and facepacks. These usually just remove the outer dead skin that’s all.

Before that, let’s learn …

Why does skin tan

How do Sunscreens help?

How to remove Sun tan from Face Overnight

Use products or natural resources rich in AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid which work as natural exfoliators. AHA reduce signs of aging, reduce wrinkle.

to a healthier lifestyle.

If you have dry skin you need natural ingredients with AHA in them. On the other hand if you have oily skin use those products or natural ingredients with BHA beta hydroxy acids in them.

AHA and BHA are mild exfoliants found in citrus fruits, sugar cane. remove dead surface cells. Since AHA is water soluble it is best for sun burns.

Beta Hydroxy Acid

Products with BHA in them are good for reducing acne, blackheads and whiteheads. BHA gets through oil clogging pores and has anti-inflammatory and antibacteial properties.

BHA list

BHA consists of Salicylic acid which is derived from the Willow Bark Tree. It is also found in fruits such as apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, dates, guava and raisins.

Avocados, cherries, red grapes, fresh mandarin also contain high amounts of salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid, in its natural form, can also be found in blackberries, blueberries, dates, raisins, kiwis, apricots, green peppers, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, radishes, and chicory, as well as in almonds and peanuts.

BHA also consists of citric acid which is derived from citrus fruits.

A citric acid can be either an AHA or a BHA depending on how its used.

What is Alpha Hydroxy Acid ?

What is Alpha Hydroxy Acid?

AHA and BHA are mild exfoliants which remove dead surface cells and helps skins natural shedding. They are found in citrus fruits, sugar cane. remove dead surface cells.

Since AHA is water soluble it is best for sun burns. AHA melts the intercellullar glue which holds the skin cells together.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids List / AHA Benefits

AHA contains the following acids

  1.  Glycolic acid which can be derived from sugarcane. It exfoliates and boosts collagen. Penetrates skin easily hence can cause irritation.
  2. Lactic acid occurs naturally in milk and has moisturizing and whitening properties
  3. Mandelic acid can be found in bitter almonds
  4. Tartaric acid can be found in grapes
  5. Malic acid which is found in apples and pears
  6. Citric acid obtained in citrus fruits

AHA side effects

AHA can make the skin photo sensitive.

Is Lactic Acid an Alpha Hydroxy Acid?

Yes Lactic acid which occurs in milk is a AHA.

If you use AHA or BHA you must use a sunscreen

How to use Alpha Hydroxy Acid?

First cleanse your face. Apply your favorite toner. I use Biotique Bio Honey Water Clarifying Toner . Let it dry completely. Then apply AHA. Once AHA has been absorbed you can use moisturizer, face serum ( I use Seer Secrets Aloe Vera & Guduchi Hydrating & Retexturing Facial Serum.

How to use Sunscreen

How to use Sunscreen

Most sunscreens either block, reduce or change the harmful effects of UVB ( which cause sunburns).
Suncreen stops the UV photons .

They may contain organic or inorganic compounds, or both. Organic compounds absorb UV rays while the inorganic ones absorb and reflect UV at the same time.

Your sunscreen should contain zinc oxide, avobenzone or titanium dioxide if you need to block UVA. Most sunscreens block only UVB.

If you can’t wear creams, try finding moisturizers that contain SPF.

How to apply sunscreen

Cleanse your face. Apply toner to close pores. Apply Face Serum. Apply Moisturizer and now you can apply sunscreen.

Which Sunscreen is the Best for Face in India

Use a suncreen which can block both UVA and UVB , to prevent sunburns and tans at the same time. Look for creams that are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (don’t block skin pores) so they don’t cause a rash or clog your pores.

How to Choose Sunscreen

The efficiency of a sunscreen is measured in SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Get a cream with an SPF higher than 30 for better protection. For dark skin people SPF 15 to SPF 30 is okay. If you are fair skin you need SPF 50.

When to Apply Sunscreen ?

Apply sunscreen daily and in all weather (even when its cloudy). Reapply every half an hour to an hour. Apply more often if you sweat a lot or have been swimming

What is Sun Tan ?

The sun’s rays contain UVA and UVB rays ( ultraviolet rays).

The UVB rays cause sunburns as they burn the epidermis or outer layer of the skin.

The UVA rays penetrate in the skin, where they trigger the melanocyte cells that produce melanin, which is ‘tan’.

Darker people tan more because they produce more melanin.

Glamego Box June 2018 Unboxing And Review

Glamego Box June 2018 Unboxing And Review

Glamego is a monthly subscription box. It contains skin, body, hair, makeup products. They send you 4 products in each box.

They have a monthly plan at Rs. 399 per month

I took the 6 month subscription which costs me Rs 319 per box.

Glamego June 2018 Contents

The June Glamego had a lip contour kit, a perfume, face scrub, and oil.


I have always noticed that the Glamego packaging is really good. This month its a orange box, very sturdy and my son is using it now to store his tiny toys.

It has the image of a lady with a bubble gum in mouth. Probably indicates an independent woman who is a blend of tradition and modern 🙂

Vert perfume

  • This has a mild fragrance
  • Very luxurious on the skin
  • Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Almond oil, Bees wax, Fragrance oil
  • Alcohol and Preservative free
  • Needs to be refrigerated
  • Net wt 15 g
  • MRP RS 1000