Income School Project 24 Review

I am working my way one day at a time at the hope of earning a full time income from my blogs.

Project 24 is a step by step plan by Income School, which helps you create Blogs which can help you replace your income in 24 Months. It includes articles, videos and podcasts. You get access to the members only forum.

You can read my review about the initial steps in the 60 steps of Project 24 on a different post.

Action #7 – SEO Course

After taking this course, I was very confused.
It is very different from traditional SEO.
There are no keyword tools to use and no keyword density.
The complexity of a topic to write about is calculated in a different format than you might have even seen before.

I assumed I udnerstod their method and went ahead to the next step – Action 8.

Then when I was writing, I suddenly realised, it just didn’t feel right.

I had to go back, rewatch the videos again.

This time I understood. So I decided to write thenew articles on a new site.

This site has just 4 articles with no seo.

This would be perfect to test their theory. The present website I was writing on, already has many articles and so I wanted something which was more clean.

Action #8 – Hit List

In this step they teach us how to create the Hit List.

I watched the entire video, made my hit list and then realisedI had to redo it completely.

So make sure you spend a lot of time in this step.

Here we are finding Topics which are easy to write andrank for.

We are supposed to come up with 10 ideas.

Action #9 , #10 – Format and Publish First Post

In these sections they walk us through the steps required to publish our First Post.

You are supposed to write this in 90 minutes.

I took 2 days.. yes…eeeks…

I am not sure how I can ever accomplish this..

Action #11 – #19

Date January 18′ 2019

All these days I need to write Response posts. This is very difficult for me. I have not completed all these steps yet.

I have changed one site because I just couldn’t write beyond article 5. In the video you can see my website stats so far including earnings.

I had almost given up on Project24 till I watched some motivational videos. I also watched Jim and Ricky’s Success video and today I am back at work writing articles. I published the video ( above) today, so that I hold myself accountable.