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How to Set Target Country specific Website Traffic

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If you want country specific traffic for your website or blog you can make a few simple changes in the settings in Google Webmasters.

Lets look at why you want country specific targeting?

Wordpress Settings

You might be providing goods or services only to people in a specific country. It wouldn’t make sense to try to rank in all the countries in the world.

You could potential make more sales or get more appointments if people from your country visited the website.

This is because they are more inclined to purchase goods from you.

It doesn’t make any sense if people from other countries visited your website. As they wouldn’t make that sale hence are useless for your bottomline.

Watch me change the Location targeting to India using Google Webmasters.

For indianmomvlogs website I had purchased the .com domain . I later realized I am more interested in getting traffic from India as I would like to connect to mom bloggers in India.

This would be more helpful both for me and for my visitors.

In order to do that I changed the setting in Google Webmasters.

If you haven’t yet purchased the domain name then purchase domain specific extension, like .in

In that case you need not target the location.

This is a part of #startabloginindia series … Happy Blogging !


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