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FREE Strategies to Promote your Soap Business on Pinterest

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I have been using Pinterest for many niches and was amazed at how easy it is to get traffic to your website. I have tried many niches, it seems to work in every niche.

How to market your soap business on Pinterest? Brainstorm and comeup with a strategy for Pinterest. Be very mindful of each action you take on Pinterest. Learn how to optimize your Pinterest profile, how to set up Boards and how to populate them with the right content.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is a game changer if you can manage to share the best Visually Appealing content which is fulfilling a need and filling a gap in your market.

I thought Pinterest was simply a platform to post images and hopefuly one out of 10 would get noticed. When that failed, I optimised my profile, I optimised by boards.  Nothing seemed to work. 

That is until I came up with a marketing strategy for Pinterest for each niche I was in.

Another Pinterest Account which was optimized and setup recently

Jump in Traffic and Visits

Let us get started on brainstorming how you can go about marketing on Pinterest.

Create a Marketing Strategy for Soaps on Pinterest

Research your niche and look at how others are setting up their Pinterest account. What does their Profile image and text say?

How are they branding their products and company? Is there a colour scheme commonly in use? Is there a font size in use, what size are the Pinterest images?

We want to reverse engineer their accounts and understand how they are marketing. Are they directly linking out to products? If they are linking to articles, what are the articles about.

The more you can understand and evaluate your competitors, the better picture you will have on how they are promoting their products and service.

Research Soaps on Pinterest

Let us first research our competitors and see whats working for them. How are they promoting on Pinterest. What is their USP?

I search for soaps and then click on one, check its colours,font used, the size of the image. Where is the text placed on the image and in which colour.

Basically you are trying to check why the pins are ranking as well as what makes them so appealing.

First we will look at how the pins are designed. What is the size of the pin. On Chrome you can right click the pin and you will be able to see the pin size.

You can get a lot of information about the pin. Take a note of what pin sizes you want to create.

By now you also will understand how to take pictures of your soaps,

Research Soap Profiles on Pinterest

This is another important step for coming up with your marketing strategy. Lets replicate success. Let us look at what strategies are being used.

We will be exploring the profiles of each account we opened in step 1.

We will look at the Display Name, the logo, the description.What keywords have they used in the description?

You might also use the same or similar keywords in your descriptions.

Let us create the  marketing strategy now 

These are the steps we will take for promoting our soaps.

Take a look at what keywords were used in their descriptions,what Pinterest groups they are a part of and Board names.

  • Create Pinterest Account
  • Optimise the Account
  • Create Boards
  • Pins
  • Pinning Schedule
  • Hashtags

Create Pinterest Account

Create a Business account on Pinterest. Business account allows you to access Pinterest Anaytics, these are insight to how well your pins are performing, how many people visit your website, repin your content.

You get feedback via analytics on how well a board might be performing.

You can take a look at my Analytics Screenshot above.

If you already have a Pinterest account, you can always convert it into a Business Account.

Another advantage of having a Business account is access to Pinterest Advertising platform.

I do not run any ad campaigns but you can if you wish. Pinterest has introduced video ads recently.

We will be using Pinterest Ads for keyword research and for topic research. We will look into that later in this article.

Optimize Pinterest for Business

Remember we did a lot of research earlier, that is all going to come in handy now. We need to setup a profile image, add in the description, claim and link out to our website.

We also will claim our social media channels. So we have a lot to do in this section.

First and foremost once you create the Business Account you should be

  • Claiming your website
  • Claiming your Social Media Channels
  • Enable Rich Pins
  • Install the Pinit Plugin on your WordPress Sites( to make it easier to pin rich content to Pinterest)

These were the basic steps to be done before we even start pinning. We are ensuring that our account is totally optimized and ready to get visibility.

To Optimize your Pinterest account further , you need to make sure that your keywords are in your

  • Username
  • Business name
  • Profile description

Relevant keywords should be in your

  • Board Names
  • Pin Names
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Hashtags used on the Pins

Create Boards

Every pin you pin to Pinterest is housed in a Board. Create boards which are topics or categories of interest to your users.

so if you remember we had looked at other soap makers on Pinterest and come up with some Board Names they were using. I have shown this in the video above so be sure to watch it.

Here are some Board names we came across

soap making books
original handmade soaps
soap videos
soap recipes
soap display
handmade soap tea tree
handmade soap goat milk
handmade soap tea tree
handmade soap cupcake soaps
handmade soap oatmeal
handmade soap favors
soap photography

You can use the most relevant names for your board names. These are super related to the soap making business and makes your entire Pinterest account very cohesive.

In future articles I will share exactly how to find the best board names so that you can get a lot of traffic to your products and business.


Pinterest has recommended using 600 :900 as the optimum pin size. They even mentioned that longer pins will have low visibitlity and might even be excluded from search results.

Their recommended ratio is 2:3 , so stick to 600:900 as longer pins can either be cut off or excluded from the smart feed and other search results.

Brand your pins, so that people can know it is your pin whenever they see the pin. Branding includes adding your business name, website name, the choice of colours, logo, the font.

The best performing pins

  • Are vertical pins of size 600:900 or 2:3 ratio
  • Have images which are relevant to the topic they are about
  • Have text overlay describing the image and the content of the post or product they link to

Soap images – What can you Pin?

Some ideas on what you can pin to your boards.

  • How the soap was made
  • What skin types can use the soap
  • Shop locations
  • Soap molds
  • Soap display
  • Soap packaging
  • Types of Soaps

Pinning Schedule

Pinterest recommends pinning often and being consistent with the pinning schedule. Pinterest wants to encourage fresh content on their platform and wants to reward content creators who post fresh content.

They have introduced a home feed feature in which the pins are shown based on how recently they were added. Recency is based on pins posted after UTC midnight every day,

They show the first 5 pins to your followers on Pinterest in the homefeed. Based on the engagement your pins have, this pin will then be distributed in the smart feed. So if your followers engage with your pins, Pinterest will aggressively promote your pin.


Pinterest added hashtags recently which show pins based on how fresh they are. To get ranking via hashtags, you should tag your pins using the most relevant hashtags to your theme and product. The hashtag should be relevant to the problems of your customer as well.

For example if your soap is for people with dry skin, you could use the tags

#naturalsoap #sheabutter #dryskin

Try to understand what your customer is looking for and use that to find the best hashtags for your product.

Pinterest is all about how cohesive your boards, keywords and the page you are lining out to are. Pinterest wants to help people find the best pins based on how relevant they are to their needs. The only way to do that is to focus on keywords and good quality pins.

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