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How to decide Topic for Blog if I am a Beginner to Blogging?

This is the usual cycle most newbie bloggers go through.

They get excited about starting a blog, they have a topic to share to the world ( could be anything from toddler tips, the the best recipes).

Then they decide they are bored of writing about that topic and decide to write about another topic…

They get started on the new topic, and guess what? Yes, they get bored and write about a third topic.

Finally they are disheartened, wondering what they did wrong and sadly most give up ( before even a month).

This is not uncommon… It is very common… and the good news is, it happens to all of us… phew

How to decide Blog Topic

I wish this was easy… I struggled to narrow down my blog topic for months… ahem… years

Yes the blog you are reading now, is pretty new ( I think we will be 3 months old soon).


I had soooo many blogs… I wrote on them, made a little money, ran after something else, abandoned the previous blog… repeated this cycle again and again…

So eventually I narrowed down a few key areas, I can write about, without feeling bored, without expecting much ( just for the love of these topics).

These were the topics I decided to focus on, and that is how I started this blog.

So, if you are struggling to decide on your Blog topic, here is a quick tip, get started immediately with the idea you have in mind right now.

Over time you can branch out or niche down, depending on well… your mood ( sigh) … things you learn ( much better).

Things to keep in mind

  • Pick a topic you like writing about, researching about and are passionate about
  • Check if there is money in this niche – are their products you can sell, are there google ads when you search in Google?
  • I also double check with myself –  will I write on this topic EVEN IF I dont make money ?

I have shortlisted a couple of Topics from my Blog and then I had to make the hard decision, which one topic I can get started on today?

I also saw many bloggers having a very very narrow niche for eg: hair solutions for girls with curly hair. Yes I have read such a blog and all it talks about is curly hair, thats all. To be honest I cant do that, for one I will get very very bored, second I dont think I can write about such a narrow topic for tooo long, before running out of ideas.

Other bloggers go waaayyy too BROAD. I have read blogs which talk about mommying, beauty, cleaning. I have actually done that before and realized I cant keep up.

It is very difficult to write onall these topics and rank a blog for all these topics and maintain your sanity.

I was going nuts.

My present blog is about starting a blog in India, with the occasional mommy tips and beauty tips ( I just cant stop myself from doing that). So go choose your topic, take your time but start soon.

How to find blog topic ideas

I love this section, finding topics to blog about.

I love research, I can literally keep finding topics, the whole day … But I never get down to writing … It is actually very easy to come up with topic ideas.

Here are some Blog research tools which you can check out. I have made a video walking you through my most favorite way of finding a blog topic, so watch it to the end 😉

Blog Topic Research Tools

  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  2. Contentrow Linkbait Generator –
  3. InboundNow Blog Title Idea Generator –
  4. Blog Ideas Generator from Hubspot –
  5. The Blog Post Ideas Generator –
  6. Buzz Sumo
  7. Twitter (users, hashtags, phrases)
  8. Google Search Trends
  9. YouTube Trends
  10. Reddit (front page)
  11. Google News
  12. Rad URLs (top trending on Facebook & Twitter)
  13. All Things Now (top trending on Facebook)
  14. Hacker News (front page)
  15. LinkedIn Pulse (top shared content in the last 24hrs w/ view count)
  16. Digg
  17. (latest research)
  18. YouGov

You could also take a look at trending topics on

  1. Twitter
  2. Google Search
  3. Youtube
  4. Google News (UK & US topic related news)
  5. Hacker News (top performing topic related articles)
  6. Reddit (top)
  7. Digg (top)
  8. YouTube (most viewed topic related videos)
  10. Yougov
  12. Google Scholar
  13. How Stuff Works
  14. Yahoo Answers (most answered)

These are so many resources to get Blog topic ideas, just use one or two which speak to you and get started on researching topics.

What is the best blog topic ?

There isnt one best fits all topic … Just scroll back up and look at how I choose my topic. It needs to be something I can write about and not feel bored  AND  it has to make me money.

This is a part of #startabloginindia series … Happy Blogging !

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