Household Work without Maid

I have struggled with maids for years. I somehow have never found someone I can work with. At present I have a help who comes in a couple of days a week and cleans the house.

She  usually doesn’t turn up so I get back to how I managed housework with maid all these years. I had to struggle through sick days and days post operation without a maid. This helped me really simplify the entire process and now maid or no maid (no problem).

5 Top tips for Household Work without Maid


I cant imagine life without routines and if there is someone who hated the concept of routines, then it was me. I thought I didn’t need one and that routines would over complicate whatever I had going on with me.

But the the converse is true. Routines have brought in some structure, brought in a lot of peace and simplified my life.

If there is only one thing I can share with you, then it would be write down all your tasks and break them down into routines. You can watch video below to understad this concept much better. Once you have tasks jotted down you can decide when you would like to get them done, morning, night, afternoon.

Then just do them.

Let me share my example. I have the following tasks I need done everyday – laundry, dishes, cooking, packing boxes, clean the house, bathrooms. Now I just break them down into what i get done in the morning, what gets done in the afternoon and those that get done at night.

My sample Morning Routine

I have the following things I get done everyday – make my bed, laundry, make breakfast, pack lunch boxes, have breakfast and get started for the day.

My Early Morning Routine

Have family help out

It is very important to have the family help out and each family member have their own chores they take care off.

Plan your day in advance

I plan my next day usually in the night. I try to jot down what I want to get done the next day and write them down in my bullet journal. Journalling helps keep my thoughts in check and helps me streamline my day as much as I can. I also can keep track of kids school activities, bank work, payments if any, household tasks.

Dont feel guilty

I have stopped trying to be supermom. This just doesn’t work for me and I cannot get it ALL done. I work on what I can get done and then just let things be.


I put it here for a reason. Without self love and time out you will burnout massively. I have had massive breakdowns and I know what it feels like. Just pampering yourself a couple of minutes a day is more than enough to get started with your day.

Don’t give in to the stress of Life. Zone out if you must so that you can dive back in full of energy and zest for life.



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