Konmari Declutter Kitchen – Easy, Simple and Effective

I would enter the kitchen and feel overwhelmed. Every morning I would dread getting out of bed as I hated having to clean the kitchen and come face to face with the mess and chaos. For years I was not understanding why I did not just jump out of bed with enthusiasm for the day. When everyone  spoke about morning routines it did not motivate me at all. It was for others I always assumed, not for me.
That was until I made many changes in my lifestyle, my house and embraced some new concepts and ideas. There were 6 Habits that changed my life. I had to analyse my lifestyle and found that cleaning, cooking and the clutter were getting to me. I worked with the Flylady system to come up with 10 Everyday Habits to clean my house. I embraced the concepts of Minimalism ( not all) and also used Marie Kondos Konmari method to declutter and organise my house.
Hello there, I would like to introduce you to the konmari method for the kitchen. Before that I would like to share with you why konmari works.

Why konmari works

After having read numerous blog posts, watching endless videos and some soul searching on my own this is what I feel. My life was all centered around cleaning, parenting, trying to be a good mum and in all this I was losing myself.
I really felt overwhelmed and I was trying to fill in many roles and accomplish many things. This took over my life, my consciousness and depleted me of energy. Other mothers seemed to juggle  home life,  work life and personal life and I was on a quest to find out how.
Right around this time konmari happened.
Why konmari works is because it helps you simplify your life, cut through the fluff  ant helps you figure out what really matters. Most people who have tried and implemented konmari, have always mentioned how konmari has simplified their life and thoughts.
When you cut through clutter, bring in simple processes and when you sort out your priorities, magic happens.
When you tackle one part of your life eventually it’ll be a catalyst in simplifying all parts of your life.
Everything will fall in place.
So how do you konmari ?

Konmari for kitchens / Konmari in the kitchen

Marie Kondi has laid out the entire blueprint in her book. In her book she first explains the process. You will also understand what is expected and what steps to take next.
A lot of thought process has gone into these categories. You are guided to begin from the area in your house which is easier to let go and move onto categories which are hard to work with ( sentimental stuff).
What is the konmari method of decluttering?
In this method you go through various categories like clothes, followed by books and then papers and so on.
konmari category checklist
When you are in a category you will get all the items ( from everywhere ) together.
You really MUST get all items of the similar category from everywhere.
So if we are looking at clothes you need to get them from the cupboard, from the washing basket, from the washing machine, drying rack, basement … everywhere.
It would be best to lay them down on the floor. Then you hold each item up and ask yourself does it spark joy. It could be that it makes you feel good when you wear it, the colors and texture of the clothing makes you feel so happy. If it sparks joy, keep it aside, Discard the rest.
You will notice that you might have been holding onto stuff for long and you actually hate wearing them. It has happened to me.
Before you start the kitchen you must follow the konmari method in the other categories.
  • Category 1 – Clothes
  • Category 2 – Books
  • Category 3 – Papers
  • Category 4 – Komono ( Miscellaneous)
    • General
    • Kids
    • Office
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
  • Category 5 – Sentimental Items
In Mari condos konmari method there is a category called komonos or miscellaneous. The kitchen falls into this category.
Konmari Komono list
Note: Follow the method mentioned in the book.
When you start with the clothes, books and then the papers, you will start understanding the process.
Konmari Komono list
A kitchen has many subcategories and it makes it very difficult if not impossible if you start in the kitchen.
So before you start the kitchen you have to implement the konmari method in the other categories first.
Too many subcategories can overwhelm and you will most likely quit. Once you work in the other categories you will also learn figure out subcategories.
This will be needed when you work in the kitchen.

The kitchen categories

  1. Eating – this category includes everything which is required when you eat.
  2. Cooking – this category includes everything which you require when you cook or bake.
  3. Food and storage – this category spices pantry, the fridge and storage containers.
I have seen people searching for Konmari kitchen drawers and Konmari kitchen utensils.
Categories NOT Location
You must remember that konmari method is based on categories and not on location. You cannot go by Drawers, cupboards et cetera.
Now we know the various categories let’s get started the konmari kitchen.
konmari kitchen categories

Konmari kitchen method

The konmari kitchen method includes the following steps:
  • First tidy by category and not by location
  • Second tidy in the right order
  • Tidy all at once
  • Put everything on the floor
  • Ask yourself does it Spark joy
  • If not say thank you and discard
  • Designate a space

Konmari kitchen tips – Keep the fridge as the last subcategory.

I started with the cooking section. I pulled out everything which can be used for cooking.
This included the following:
  • Utensils
  • Vessels
  • Appliances
  • Bakeware
  • Knives
  • Pots and pans
  • Baking trays
  • Baking Accessories
  • Oven mitts and dish towels
  • Small appliances
  • Mixing bowls
  • Steam baskets
  • Cutting boards
I only kept those which I would use and most importantly which sparked joy.
Note: Add your own subcategories
Remember to get all the items from all the different places you might be storing them in. I was storing some in the hall, some in the kitchen and some in the pantry.
The next sub category for me was the eating category.
This included:
  •  Cups
  • Glassware
  • Bowls
  • Plates
  • Cookery
  • Cutlery
  • Serving ware
  • Mugs
  •  Water bottles
Note: You can add silverware, straws, chip clips to your subcategories
The next sub category is food and storage containers.
This subcategory for me included:
  • Pulses
  • Spices
  • Tea, coffee, sugar
  • Flour
  • Baking items
  • Pickles

Konmari YouTube kitchen ( Includes Before and After)

Once this was done it was time to move on to the fridge.
For the fridge
  1. First I am emptied out the contents.
  2. Wiped the fridge down with  white vinegar.
  3. Sorted everything out
It did take a couple of hours to go through my fridge because I had a lot of stuff. There were many reasons including health because of which the fridge had been neglected.
It is advisable as I have learnt later keep the fridge only 70% full.
This gives it some breathing space and also you can quickly find a place for leftovers.

Household Work without Maid

I have struggled with maids for years. I somehow have never found someone I can work with. At present I have a help who comes in a couple of days a week and cleans the house.

She  usually doesn’t turn up so I get back to how I managed housework with maid all these years. I had to struggle through sick days and days post operation without a maid. This helped me really simplify the entire process and now maid or no maid (no problem).

5 Top tips for Household Work without Maid


I cant imagine life without routines and if there is someone who hated the concept of routines, then it was me. I thought I didn’t need one and that routines would over complicate whatever I had going on with me.

But the the converse is true. Routines have brought in some structure, brought in a lot of peace and simplified my life.

If there is only one thing I can share with you, then it would be write down all your tasks and break them down into routines. You can watch video below to understad this concept much better. Once you have tasks jotted down you can decide when you would like to get them done, morning, night, afternoon.

Then just do them.

Let me share my example. I have the following tasks I need done everyday – laundry, dishes, cooking, packing boxes, clean the house, bathrooms. Now I just break them down into what i get done in the morning, what gets done in the afternoon and those that get done at night.

My sample Morning Routine

I have the following things I get done everyday – make my bed, laundry, make breakfast, pack lunch boxes, have breakfast and get started for the day.

My Early Morning Routine

Have family help out

It is very important to have the family help out and each family member have their own chores they take care off.

Plan your day in advance

I plan my next day usually in the night. I try to jot down what I want to get done the next day and write them down in my bullet journal. Journalling helps keep my thoughts in check and helps me streamline my day as much as I can. I also can keep track of kids school activities, bank work, payments if any, household tasks.

Dont feel guilty

I have stopped trying to be supermom. This just doesn’t work for me and I cannot get it ALL done. I work on what I can get done and then just let things be.


I put it here for a reason. Without self love and time out you will burnout massively. I have had massive breakdowns and I know what it feels like. Just pampering yourself a couple of minutes a day is more than enough to get started with your day.

Don’t give in to the stress of Life. Zone out if you must so that you can dive back in full of energy and zest for life.


10 everyday habits to keep your house clean

Everyday habits to keep your house clean and your mind sane. These are my top 10 habits which I have built over the years. Habits do take time to master and also old habits are difficult to let go off.

1. Routines – Front Load your Day

Routines are important for anyone whether it be a child or a mom.

We are all are working on routines day in and day out. Being a mom we do not think we have routines or sometimes feel so overwhelmed with things to do.

This is is why it is important to take a note of all you want to get done and then prioritize. Once you have your priorities in order pick the most important tasks and do them first thing in the morning.

Frontloading your day ensures that all the important heavyweight stuff is taken care off. As you tick off items from your to-do list it feels as weight has lifted off your shoulders.

2. Make your bed

Watch video and skip reading…

It’s been a year since I have been making sure I make my bed first thing in the morning and it helps kickstart my day on a positive note.

Having a clean bed brings in a lot of energy, positivity to the bedroom. A clean made bed compels us to clear out the rest of the room.

So I encourage you to try this one simple thing and come back and let me know if it worked for you.

3. One Load of Laundry – Put Clothes Away

I always have piles of clothes to get to everyday. I try to play catch up but that is how life is.

We use a lot of clothes. We don’t reuse any clothes. In the sense once we have worn it, it goes in the wash. So there is always a huge pile and keeping up with it was something I dreaded.

I decided enough was enough

Laundry was getting out of hand. It became the source of fights and squabbles. The why should I always be the one doing the laundry mentality was just not cutting it any more.

That’s when I decided looking at my family’s needs it made sense to do one load of laundry per day. This ensured everyone had clean clothes to wear.

Laundry redefined

I had to redefine what laundry meant. Laundry was just not dumping the clothes in the washing machine. It was washing the clothes, drying them, folding last days load and putting it away.

That is laundry and I am trying to make myself accountable to keeping this beast in check.

4. Wash Bathroom – Sink and Commode

I hated anyone stopping by as this meant a meltdown. I had to clean the house, the bathrooms, the washbasins .

By the time guests eventually stopped by I was totally exhausted. I had been cleaning for hours and the house was still not looking put together

This is when I started making some routines and stuck to them.

Cleaning my washbasin and commode ( toilet) is one of those routines which I ( TRY) to do everyday.

This is not a deep clean, it is just a basic clean making sure that there is no toothpaste stains or soap scum.

It makes the bathrooms looking cleaning with just 5 minutes of working on them.

5. Clear out Dishes from Sink – Unload Dishwasher

My kitchen sink was a mess and if I let it it can easily sneak back to being a mess.

This is one area I struggle with daily and one day I hope to have it in control.

Till that day comes I just need to ensure that I keep my sink clear of dishes as soon as I can. There is always some dish left there by me or the kids with the intention of getting back to it later.

Sadly later never comes

That is because clearing out the dishes never had been on my list of things I really want to do.

I hate going through them a gazillion times a day.

For now I made a pact with myself. Clean it after you use it. And it seems to be working…

Also I try to keep the sink clean at night makes mornings more pleasant.

6. Put Dishes Away

I must admit I am still struggling with this. It is common for me to leave washed dishes on the counter top to air dry and well they end up air drying till next day or worse a week🙄

So I had to tackle it in a simple way else I would never do it.

Thats when I made a few diy fixes. I punched a few holes in the cupboard just above the sink. This helps water drain off when I put washed dishes there.

Once they drip dry I come back and put them away.

No more dishes on countertops

This works for me. Dishes I cant fit in there I try to wipe them dry with a dish towel and put them in their rightful place.

7. Clean Countertops – Keep Dining Table Clear

Dining table is where we spend most of our time. This is the place where grocery gets dumped, food is dropped, school bags are dumped, lunch boxes are dumped.

We as a family try to make sure we do our chores and that includes keeping such surfaces clean and clear.

8. Clear Clutter from Hall

The hall or living room is the first thing guests see and hence I make sure this is clean and picked up.

I make sure things are picked up and tidied and in their place.

9. Keep Floors Clear

All floors are picked up as and when I can. I spot a piece of paper then I pick it up. A toy lying around, kids are asked to put it back.

10. Clear Hotspots

A hotspot is a place which seems to gather stuff no matter how much you try to keep it clean and clear.

I have many such places at home. These include my side table near the bed. The dining table, kitchen counter.

I conquer them …

I have not stopped them from piling up because they do. I just have started spending sometime each day to keep them clear.

These were my 10 everyday habits to keep your house clean,.

What are yours?

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