• How to Start a Gift Business from Home
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    How to Start a Gift Business from Home

    Pin1ShareTweet+1I was lucky to have the opportunity to interview Akansha Sahgal a vivacious young lady who has a handmade customised gifts business. How to Start a Gift Business from Home? In this interview you get to understand how this young lady customizes gifts for clients as well as promotes products which have been designed by them. We learn what costs are involved, how to set up such a business and most importantly what skills are required. Tell us about yourself and what you do? I am Akansha Sahgal. I run a page called “Fashion ‘n’ Fiesta” on Instagram and Facebook. I am born and brought up in Delhi and belong…

  • how to start a theme party business
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    GiftsByS Theme Party & Corporate Gift Packing Business India

    PinShareTweet+1Smita Uppal is an entrepreneur and has been running not one but multiple businesses from home. If that were not too much to handle, she also has two workshops and workers to handle on the side. She has been running this venture since 13 years and magically balances business (es) and housework and motherhood so skillfully.. It makes you wonder and admire such women. Smita had Rs. 10,000 with her which her mother gave her in a wooden box. She used that as her investment into a business which has grown into multiple businesses earning her Rs. 1 lakh per month. Featuring Mom Entrepreneurs in India. If you want to…

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    What to Include in a Vlog

    PinShareTweet+1Starting a Vlog is very intimidating for many and I can totally relate to that. Even today after having had made many vlogs, Vlogging is something which makes me a bit unnerved. The best way to start a vlog is to take a camera or your smart phone and film as soon as you get the idea. That is how I started. If I had waited for the perfect time, I would never had made a vlog. What to Include in a Vlog? A vlog can be formal or informal. You can include personal stories, or share an experience, share How to Videos, Pranks,Tutorials, Document an event or a Disaster…

  • How to Start Online Bookstore in India New
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    How to Start Online Bookstore in India

    PinShareTweet+1I am so excited to bring you another Instagram Mom and Facebook Mom Business Story. If you are looking for home based business ideas for moms in India, I have something special for you. Recently we had featured a Mom Entrepreneur in India who has a business on Instagram in a unique niche. Today we have with us Amala Jenifer who is selling Books Online in India. How to Start Online Bookstore in India? You need to have a budget, a business plan, a marketing plan. You need to find suppliers, a strategy in place for pricing, how you will ship, shipping costs and materials. You also must have a…

  • Income School Project 24 Review
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    Income School Project 24 Review

    Pin9Share2Tweet+1I want you to follow me along as I review the Income School Project 24. I am planning to blog as often as I can and share my progress. So you will find analytics, videos and what is working, what isn’t … This is what you can expect to find in the Income School Project 24 Review. You will watch me take my blog through the 60 day plan they have laid out. I discuss what I am planning to do, I share my progress. I will share the modules as much as I am allowed to.   You might be wondering why is she sharing this? Well, this is the…